PS3 Preview: The Eye of Judgment

A few years back, Wizards of the Coast tried a bold experiment in digital property. It offered virtual representations of its collectable cards along with a free digital client to play Magic: The Gathering over the Internet. Against all conventional wisdom of the time, it turned out to be a success. At GenCon 2007, one can witness the fallout of that. Just as video games are invading the tabletop space (through licensed products like the World of Warcraft board game), so too are collectible card games heading into the digital world. One of the most interesting of these new hybrid titles was available to play on the show floor, The Eye of Judgment for the PlayStation 3.

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MK_Red3839d ago

I'm not a fan of card games but playing with those monsters in reality with PS Eye could be fun.

achira3839d ago

yes it could be very fun.

Radiomorph3839d ago

Very interesting indeed. I hope they come up with more ways to use The Eye.

Violater3839d ago

There will be more games that utilize the PSEyE, I have always thought of it as a possible innovative way of competing with the Wii for interesting controls.

ALI-G3839d ago

but when i saw\ the demonstration it confused me to much. i still do not understand the battle system in this game

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MaximusPrime3839d ago

that game will be fun to play.

TheExecutive3839d ago

not really my cup of tea but for many this game is gonna be cool.

Chris3993839d ago

It's a unique idea. The card/ creature designs are quite pretty too. Very exited about this game. Hopefully, other people feel the same as me and this could be a sleeper hit.

Radiomorph3839d ago

Yes, and after all, to me this is exactly what next-gen is about.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3839d ago

this and LBP are the most "NEXT GEN" things we`ve seen.

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The story is too old to be commented.