Live Service on XP Confirmed

The semi-official Gamerscore Blog run by Microsoft employees confirmed in the article "The Sixth Tech Myth" that Live Service will be available on Windows XP.

"When Cliffy B demoed Gears of War for Windows at E3 2007 to a throng of enthralled attendees, he let drop at the end of his presentation that Gears would be available for both Windows XP and Windows Vista this year."

"You should all breathe a sigh of relief and know that Games for Windows -- LIVE will work on Windows XP."

"... the team has been able to go back and finalize the work done to make sure Games for Windows -- LIVE works on Windows XP. Which means that not only Gears of War will connect to LIVE on Windows XP, but so will the other games we announced that will support Games for Windows -- LIVE, like Universe at War from SEGA (which, incidentally, will also enable cross-platform play between Xbox 360 and Windows PCs)."

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Sayai jin4055d ago

Yep, we all knew this was coming. LIVE Anywere.

ShiftyLookingCow4054d ago

"Games for Windows Live: Must Pay Micro$oft $$$

It is true that Games for Windows Live is a premium service, and has an annual fee associated with it. The confusion revolves around what exactly you get with the free (Silver) version, and what you get for extra cost (the Gold version.) As GfW Live evolved, Microsoft kept updating us on the features, and some of the stuff that Redmond initially suggested would cost money got moved into the "free" column.

I still see people post that they'd never pay money just to get voice chat. Please, let's just stop. Voice chat is something built into the free GfW Live Silver account. What you get with the premium $50 per year version is matchmaking services and game achievements.

I also need to note that if you already have a Xbox Live Gold account, then GfW Live Gold is folded into that at no extra cost.

Now, if Microsoft would stick with this and not change their story again, maybe this meme will die out."

Vip3r4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

So does this mean you have to pay M$ to play PC games online then?

Salvadore4054d ago

Nope, you can play for free using a silver account.

deadpreacher4054d ago

No you can still play online for free. Just you going to have to still use the old ways you where doing it before in all your other games. Gamespy or what ever else people use these days.

Waffle-boy4054d ago

For those who already have gotten Live Gold.

Daxx4054d ago

I already have a XBL gold account so I might as well take advantage of this whole XBL on Windows thing.

anthraxCZ4054d ago

If you own Gold Account on Xbox Live (Xbox360), you also got a Windows Live Gold membership (PC).

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The story is too old to be commented.