GTA IV at Leipzig Games Convention

Yesterday, Kotaku received a press release confirming that Rockstar Games will be present at next week's Games Convention in Leipzig.

Rockstar Games is happy to announce its attendance at the GC in Leipzig, Germany this August. Two upcoming titles will be on display at the conference, including the world-wide unveiling of Rockstar's newest installment of the Midnight Club franchise, Midnight Club Los Angeles. Be among the very first in the world to see the game as live demonstrations happen throughout the day on the show floor. Also appearing at the show is the Wii version of Rockstar's award-winning title, Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis, which will be available to the public in hands-on form.

They don't mention GTA IV specifically, but look at this picture posted on the official Games Convention blog

Go check it out.

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schabeugen043985d ago

next gen midnight club yess.(pumps fist) all we need now is next gen smugglers run and man hunt 3

s8anicslayer3985d ago

i wonder if any of those games will be the exclusive ps3 games they promised sony!

sanjisan3985d ago

Isn't the same news ? already added before ?

TnS3985d ago

Yes, this is a duplicate.

Zhuk3985d ago

I wonder if they'll be displaying the PS3 version or will they yet again be showing it running on 360

TheMART3985d ago

Oh hell yeah I'll be in Leipzig, curious what we'll see from GTA IV!!!

achira3985d ago

fack, you are in leipzig ? me also. be prepared for a fight, lol. but i think we will not see as, as long as you stay in the ms section and i in the sony section.

TheMART3985d ago

Achira dude, Sony fanboys are always weaker. 360 gamers have plasmids, chainsaws and Halo armour to beat any Ratchet&Clack kiddy gun! :P

BTW I'll be @ the press day and you at the public day after I played it all already... Second hand demo's you get hahaah But I'll leave a secret message for you somewhere @ a Sony stand and I'll take a picture of it to prove it lateron. hahahaha

I'll see if I can get some Sony stands to explode.

achira3985d ago

theMart seriously me and my friends would kill you if we would meet you. but ok, thats a bit extreme to kill for games, hahahaa. if you want to place a bomb, i will surely visit the ut3 stand, lol.

TheMART3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Funny you and your friends are so insecure about the investment on a Bottleneck 3 that you would actually kill a person because of its posts about your beloved BetaBluRay player? THen you and your friends are pretty sad human beings.

I don't need to place any explosives. I bet one of those big black ugly grills can explode on their own if they're pushed to far to try to get on the 60fps like their 360 counterpart version!

I'll be having fun @ press day with not so much people, you'll be joing thousands of people fighting for a short playtime. Nice.

@ warfed (below)

Too bad dude, not working for MS. But you'll notice soonish. Around Leipzig time you will :P

@ Leg-end (below)

Dude, think you're not around long enough. Achira was a only shouting, screaming, kicking, cursing PS kid before, he got a bit tuned down and is now talking on a reasonably normal way.

I think you should agree if someone says he/they would kill another person because of some posts on a website. If you agree with that, you're just as sad as those persons.

warfed3985d ago

I think they wanna kill you cuz you are a little b!tch... oh and I knew it you work for M$ now GTFO

Leg-End3985d ago

from what i've seen, ur the saddest on here, not that achira dude, he seems ok

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