RUSE - Best RTS On Consoles Period (BattleStrats Review)

This is not a game someone can pick up and start owning other people. This is a game that takes intelligence and understanding. That's not to say that RUSE is perfect. There are a few hiccups along the way

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dark-hollow2563d ago

We need more rts on the consoles with mouse keyboard support for the ps3 version

2563d ago
dark-hollow2563d ago

I don't know I don't prefer pointing move at the tv for hours
Its Not comfortable for rts games in my opinion

ThanatosDMC2563d ago

Wait, we can use mouse and keyboard for this??? If true, i did not know that.

lostinplace2563d ago

I am having a ton of fun on this game - I used to love Endwar but this blows it out of the water

xxxAnubisxxx2563d ago

Absolutely love this in-depth RTS.

comp_ali2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

if you mean on consoles , yes, there aren't other RTS on consoles anyway(apart from some crappy titles). LOL
because it is too simple , complex game will short circuit kids brains. That's why they are on PCs.

Aloren2563d ago

I still think supreme commander 2 is better.

yarbie10002563d ago

Yeah I am behind school now because of this game lol...very addictive...and now with Halo coming out I don't know what to do

redsquad2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

A lot of varying reviews for RUSE - Think I'll go with the positives and give it a spin when I get my Move set up.

iamnsuperman2563d ago

I have got my RUSE copy in my bedroom waiting for my Move to come and by then I will be reunited with my PS3 at University and I am planning to spend my hungoverness playing it

rdgneoz32563d ago

Since I never saw any preorder bonuses for it, I'm picking up my copy when I get Move later on this week.

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The story is too old to be commented.