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RUSE - Best RTS On Consoles Period (BattleStrats Review)

This is not a game someone can pick up and start owning other people. This is a game that takes intelligence and understanding. That's not to say that RUSE is perfect. There are a few hiccups along the way (Eugen Systems, PC, PS3, R.U.S.E., Ubisoft, Xbox 360) 9/10

DTMBSquid  +   1566d ago
Loving this title!
dark-hollow  +   1565d ago
We need more rts on the consoles with mouse keyboard support for the ps3 version
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dark-hollow  +   1565d ago
I don't know I don't prefer pointing move at the tv for hours
Its Not comfortable for rts games in my opinion
ThanatosDMC  +   1565d ago
Wait, we can use mouse and keyboard for this??? If true, i did not know that.
lostinplace  +   1566d ago
Game is a blast
I am having a ton of fun on this game - I used to love Endwar but this blows it out of the water
xxxAnubisxxx  +   1566d ago
Best RTS, Ever.
Absolutely love this in-depth RTS.
comp_ali  +   1565d ago
if you mean on consoles , yes, there aren't other RTS on consoles anyway(apart from some crappy titles). LOL
because it is too simple , complex game will short circuit kids brains. That's why they are on PCs.
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Aloren  +   1565d ago
I still think supreme commander 2 is better.
yarbie1000  +   1566d ago
Yeah I am behind school now because of this game lol...very addictive...and now with Halo coming out I don't know what to do
redsquad  +   1566d ago
A lot of varying reviews for RUSE - Think I'll go with the positives and give it a spin when I get my Move set up.
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iamnsuperman  +   1566d ago
I have got my RUSE copy in my bedroom waiting for my Move to come and by then I will be reunited with my PS3 at University and I am planning to spend my hungoverness playing it
rdgneoz3  +   1566d ago
Since I never saw any preorder bonuses for it, I'm picking up my copy when I get Move later on this week.
metsgaming  +   1565d ago
i might retry the demo when i get the move but without it i would pass. We'll see how well the move is utilized.
IWishIwasBungie   1565d ago | Spam
T3MPL3TON  +   1565d ago
The game is trash. If you seriously fall for any of the "ruses" you should be smack about the face like a child. The game is barely fun. Companies need to abort an and all RTS's on consoles.
Unbornkirkster19   1565d ago | Personal attack | show | Replies(1)
Microsoft_Spokesman  +   1565d ago
The game looks fun, but it's really confusing to play using the dualshock.
JLesinski  +   1565d ago
Sounds like most everything coming out after this release is pretty good. Will definitely have to pick this up after Reach.
Prcko  +   1565d ago
hmm i think i gonna buy this :)
Saryk  +   1565d ago
I played the demo and wasn’t impressed. But that is my opinion only. I play games like Star Craft 2, C&C and Company of Heroes, so maybe that is why, I didn’t care. But glad the game is good and players are enjoying it.
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dark-hollow  +   1565d ago
Too bad they didn't make c&c 4 for the consoles because of sales
c&c 3 on the xbox 360 was a blast
ThanatosDMC  +   1565d ago
I love all the games you listed except C&C. Hmmm... i should try the RUSE demo first then. Did you like Stronghold 2 or Legends?
Dlacy13g  +   1565d ago
RUSE is really good....
It is the best RTS on consoles...but there is a key reason why. The game play is slow compared to other RTS games. Battles unfold at a pace that allows the game pad to be useful and not a hinderance. And when I say its slow...that isn't a bad thing.

I have long held that the biggest issue facing RTS games on consoles is that they are ports of PC RTS games that use mouse and keyboard and allow for a fast paced RTS. Consoles by default (not counting Move or Keyboard/mouse support) use gamepads. Gamepads are great devices but lack the precision and speed of mouse and keyboard.

Developers have always tried to fix the issue by doing hot key mapping and menu wheels, etc... Reality is they just needed to slow the pace of unit movement down and allow gamepad users time to make decisions with the gamepad and enjoy it and not feel like they are being run over cause the gamepad is too slow.

RUSE may not be the perfect RTS...but it is the best one on consoles. I think it even bests Halo Wars which is saying alot given I think that was to date the best effort on Consoles. Halo Wars however suffered from the same issues all other RTS games do.

I think its also worth noting that instead of a fog of war that most RTS's use, RUSE doesn't. It has game play elements that let you fool and disquise movements that is brilliant for RTS games. I was so happy not to have to deal with the this huge section of the map is black game mechanic. I always laughed at that too... I mean most of the RTS games deal with Space Marines and high tech warfare and yet somehow nobody had a satalite that could see the whole battlefield?

RUSE...an excellent pick up for the RTS fan.
yarbie1000  +   1565d ago
Yes agreed Dlacy
Skynetone  +   1565d ago
played it on all 3 difficulties
which is a good start,

it was good, but not great

ill pick it up when i see it at the right price

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