New GTA IV Info. and Previews

Summary of all recent new information derived from newly released magazines:

- Niko can have several missions active at one time, cycling through them via your phone's 'To Do' list.
- And in the middle of a mission, Niko can take on entirely different jobs.
- Niko can pay double the amount to make the taxi drivers drive twice as fast.
- The Xbox 360 Version of the game is 80% complete
- The itself is set in October 2007.
- Pedestrians also Cough, Sneeze, Smoke and Mutter in their breath
- Hardly any duplicate pedestrian models and car models in the same area.
- Throughtout the game, bigger weapons will have to be stashed out of sight or Niko will attract attention.
- The offices are large with multiple rooms and the jumpy glitchiness of the PS2 titles is largely absent.

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DrPirate4054d ago

It better be better the the crap that was San Andreas.

Proof that good reviews don't make a great game.

Batman774054d ago

San Andreas was the best GTA with the biggest scope. I'm guessing since it was a parody of 'hood' movies, many people didn't appreciate its story and humor.

Wii60_FTW4054d ago

...but GTA3 was the best, HOMIE! DAWG!

s8anicslayer4054d ago

what ever, bioshock took the spotlight away frome this game. it makes me wonder though if this game wasn't delayed would bioshock be getting this much hype? if i had to answer my own question i would say no!

ShiftyLookingCow4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

@DrPirate, agreed. So as I was saying something is surprising but I hope nobody figures out what that is

DrPirate4054d ago

Don't provoke it. The fanboy wars have gotten a lot worse.

Rattles4054d ago

in sa was no were near as good as vc

AzaziL4054d ago

ok, am i the only one that didn't raise a brow when seeing that? at it's current pace, the xbox 360 version would be ready for it's original intended release date in october, possibly even sooner, so why the half year delay??? why don't they just do like they did with last gen's gta and release it first on one console, this time being the 360 and then release it half a year later on the ps3. i'd have no problem if it was the other way around and came on ps3 first, it's just i want to play GTA now!

xhi44054d ago

Either 1. The ps3 developments fault, but they wouldve released the 360 version first.

Option 2. There have been a lot of info from insiders about Rockstar not being happy with Microsoft and relations going bad. Apparently rockstar couldn't make the 'seamless' no loading time without using the HDD on the 360. But microsoft wouldn't allow them to do that, keeping in mind the core users. But now what Microsoft is apparently doing to appease Rockstar, and all the other developers wanting and 'needing' to use this HDD is to put 'HDD Necessary' stickers and crap on game titles that NEED the use of HDD, thus allowing developers, such as Rockstar to create 'seamless' worlds etc. with no loading times.

Sovannah Phum4054d ago

i remember factor 5 saying lair was 90% complete in march during the gdc, and yet they took 5 more months to set a firm release date. take that for what it's worth.

Wii60_FTW4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Whatever the case, I'm confident M$ will permit Rockstar to require a HDD for their game. This is great news for future titles. M$ not including a HDD in the base sku is such a huuuge f*ck up this gen.... im sure theyll get it right, NEXT next-gen, like they did with the original xbox.....

ShiftyLookingCow4054d ago (Edited 4054d ago )

Option 3. Rockstar wont release a massively popular game like GTA for one system first as it is bound to cut sales from the other system. And 80% complete is not good enough for an October release date. They want to polish more and do a lot of testing(understandable after seeing all the bugs in Saints Row)

AzaziL4054d ago

If it's near 80%, all that's left is the polish, i mean how much longer can it take to do 20% if they already at 80% now. If it takes 7 months to complete 20%, this game would've been in development for years. and who cares about ps3 sales, i know fanboys who probably are grunting "If I can't play it, noone can!" but for the sales part, just how many PS3 owners own a 360, I doubt the number is high enough to disturb sales on the ps3.

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