Things You May Have Missed in the Stranglehold Demo

Myarcadeplanet takes a look into some things that you may not have noticed in the Stranglehold Demo.

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cain1414055d ago

I didn't find that till my third play through. It's pretty cool that they put that in there.

dachawk4055d ago

I thought the game play was excellent. I love the slow mo shooting. Slow mo hand combat would be a great addition.

cain1414055d ago

Well, you fight hand to hand until you actually hit a guy. Then it just takes his gun and you start shooting again.

FreedomReign4055d ago

Or maybe a new sequel to the Killer?
I mean he's completely blind at the end of the film, but that could make for an interesting game.

Regardless this game is a MUST buy for me. Have to wait till September though. Bioshock is this months, one game allowance.

Bnet3434055d ago

I'm expecting this game to get a 7. something. The graphics were bad, the gameplay was okay, but it was too Max Payne-ish. I have mixed feelings about this one. Rental for me.


I agree. I don't think Stranglehold is even a rental for me. Love how Tequilla's butt slides across everything it touches like it's greased down with K-Y Jelly ! There are MUCH better games out there for the 360. Graphics were last gen & I've already played Max Payne.

DruePhoenix4053d ago


what is with people saying the graphics suck, the graphics are on the Unreal 3 Engine

yeah, those do NOT suck, you just have a crappy TV, or need new glasses

ElementX4055d ago

I wasn't impressed with the demo. Just mindless shooting like Max Payne, except that had better gameplay.

tmatte4055d ago

I've found all of those things actually. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.