Gamesradar In Deep Sh*t.. For Prime Leak?

Hey gang. In an interesting turn of events. Gamesradar has totally deleted any signs of their Metroid Prime 3 footage off their site. found it kinda odd that they'd screw up the "Nintendo Embargo" and put the footage out there weeks before launch. In another screw up, their *.FLV [aka Flash Embed Videos] files which would've seen the light of the day once they were ready to reveal the later parts of their 1 hour session have now been leaked all over Youtube.

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TriggerHappy4020d ago

Thats because you are always too quick to post leaked stuff..:)

Mr VideoGames4020d ago

Bad Boys Bad Boys what you gunna do what you gunna do when they come for you

MK_Red4019d ago

That's what you get when you post really fast and with speed of light :)

Omegasyde4019d ago

damn i hope no harm, no foul. I love gamesradar and I appreciate. how they are one of the last gaming that are still neutral, Thier top 7 greatest _insert name_ of 2007 are awesome.

djt234019d ago

sorry man but you post it so fast i didn't noted it

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Shadow Flare4020d ago (Edited 4020d ago )

the funniest/cheesiest/kinda cool Halo vs Metroid video check out:

Or type 'Haloid' into YouTube

found it while looking for the metroid video this article was talking about

cooke154019d ago

They are doing a better job at marketing metroid than nintendo is. Sorry nintendo buck you are terrible at marketing your real games, great at marketing games gamers dont care about though.

djt234019d ago

thaks for the video,I will buy this game

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