The Beauty and the Beast (PS3 Programing)

From 'playstation-disorder':
"What is one of the most heard prejudice when you ask people about the PS3? I guess number one is "The PLAYSTATION 3 is difficult to program, more difficult than other consoles". Well, this statement as such is of course stupid. Compared to let's say the PS2, the PS3 is a big improvement. While you had to use assembler code on the PS2 for almost all advanced stuff, the PS3 basically just needs C++ or C code in most cases. This is even true for the Cell SPEs, the main differenciator...

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Daz3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

The Beauty and the Beast lol

Foliage3865d ago

A must read to stop the uninformed delusional 360 fanboy comments on the PS3 hardware.

Too bad they'll never understand all the big words.

Bloodmask3865d ago

The "mighty" Cell - blown away by nVidia
8th December 2004, by Paul, 372 words, 200 views
Categories: Gaming, Technology

We all heard the talk, that the Cell processor would wipe away all before it. Of course anyone with any knowledge of this kind of technology would see it for what it is, more Sony bullshit. Remember the PS2?

1000 times the power of any PC. 66Gb/s of memory bandwidth. Toy Story graphics in real time. And such & such.

The same kind of outrageous claims were made with this Cell processor which is developed by IBM, Toshiba, and Sony. They claim this to be completely "revolutionary". It's not you can clearly see it's relation to the Playstation 2's processor. In that it's basically lots of weak processors bolted together, the fundamental reason the Playstation 2 is so insanely difficult to develop for and why developers are dropping it and shifting focus to the Microsoft Xbox 360. Which like all Microsoft platforms is notoriously fast and simple to develop for. Allowing developers to spend more time creating decent games instead of struggling to try and get their software to even work.

Just days ago the official press release about this Cell thing was released. The Sony fanboys started cheering, I guess they just never learn do they - and what should happen just yesterday? nVidia released a statement saying their graphics processors would feature in the Playstation 3 and other Sony products.

What happened to the mighty Cell? Sony now have to back-off saying the Cell is all mighty, and require a seperate GPU to handle graphics, yes it's 1000 times more powerful then any PC today, right that's why it can't perform GPU-like operations on it. They need a PC manufacturer to remotely stand a chance of coming up with a better graphics processor then their extremely lacking PS2. The hypocracy! Just a few years ago they were blasting the Xbox because of it using PC hardware, it featured an nVidia NV2A chip (which at the time they seemed to think was a bad thing). Of course nVidia have since been replaced by ATi, as the performance/quality graphics leader of the PC market, ATi winning the contract to develop the GPU for the Xbox 2, which they have now completed.

Sony are still lagging behind. Good luck with your Playstation 3, you're going to need it.

bym051d3865d ago

At the time of the console releases, ATi was not the leader in the graphics market. NVidia has held the title since the release of the 7800. I'm saying this as current user of an x800XT.

MS went with ATi because of bad blood with NVidia from the XBOX1 days from what I remember.

Gizmo_Logix3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )


Did you even read the article?

Here's the best part.

Similar to the PS2, a platform that even for today's standards surprises us with visual qualities we wouldn't have expected from the console in the first place, the PS3 is a very flexible gaming platform. Almost nothing is carved in stone and it is really up to the developers to unleash the power of the architecture. This makes all sense as opposite to the PC world, hardware improvements are not an option for console makers. With a lifecycle of at least 10 years, the PS3 needs to be still capable of running new algorithms and methods which we don't even know by now.

Those are just two examples of how the combination of Cell and the RSX can achieve goals that sometimes even the designing engineers havn't thought about. A great outlook for the future if you ask me.

This is not possible with a fixed hardware architecture that is designed to make life easier for developers. Sure, on the PC side you can easily extend your hardware, for consoles that's not an option. Or maybe we will see another Xbox just in couple more years, something that is most likely to happen for the Wii anyhow."

Real Gambler3865d ago

All I remember from the PS2 is: It's hard to program... DVD is useless everybody else use CD-rom... It's too expensive.... I'm sure there was lots of marketing hype around it too so you may be right too.

Yet, it's still selling today, after 7 years. Do you still use a 7 year old pc today????

So for the PS3, they didn't even need marketing hype... All you have to hear is: It's hard to program, Bluray is useless, it's too expensive, and you think "Wow, they did it again!!!!!"

Doesn't mean the 360 is bad... Just means that history is quite likely to repeat itself... This time all three consoles are here to stay. But , if you're buying only one, who you like to have the one that will last the longest?

popup3865d ago

What a wonderfully technical retort Bloodmask.

Heres waiting for all of the other jealous types to shout 'She's a witch, burn her voodoo magic!' armed with their wooden spoons and huge ego's of wisdom :)

beavis4play3864d ago

everything you post sounds like a childish rant.if you like the 360, then great. i prefer the ps3, but i don't feel the need to roll around on the floor and whine and cry the way you do. do everyone a favor and have your posts make some lucid sense, ok?

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akaFullMetal3865d ago

the ps3 does seem powerful if a programmer could use all the spe's and everything