Ninja Gaiden 2 - Confirmed for X360 ; Unconfirmed for PS3

It has been confirmed by Gamespot Korea that, Ninja Gaiden 2, the sequel to one of the most acclaimed titles on the original Xbox, will be publicly shown to the world for the first time at this years Tokyo Game Show.

This was confirmed by an insider in the Japanese gaming industry. According to the insider, the PS3 version of the game has not been confirmed at the moment, but the game will in fact be shown for the Xbox 360 system.

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Wii60_FTW4051d ago

I hope the Sony zombies have enjoyed that old Xbox 1 port, cuz we're getting the true next-gen NG!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAhaHAHAHahaHAHahhAHahh a

ALI-G4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )


whem itagi said HS is half assed i knew TRAILER OR DEMO for this game is not far

keep saying they will sell more if the game comes to ps3 but so wilL MGS4, FF ,TAKKEN 6 in fact MGS4 and FF have the potintioal to sell more in 360 tha PS3 duo to the high attach rate in 360 and bigger instal base

EDIT:one more game for the 360 in 2008.SP:convection/HalowWars/ Too Human /GTa:exculsive downloadable content/UT3/HAZE/NG2/Alan Wake/ Banjo-Kazooie 3/peter jackson project

solidt124051d ago

There is no way this game is not coming to the PS3. The first one is selling well on the PS3 and this is a Japanese company. If it didn't come out on the PS3 that would be like releasing Halo 3 only in Japan on the PS3.

Leg-End4051d ago

youre comment is not only disturbing, but it also confirms my suspicions: 1) you obviously have sexual intercourse with ur 360 2)you are two years old

Daytona4051d ago

It's not coming to the ps3. You ask, "how could it not?", easily. Who wants to continue to waste money and develop for a console w/less that 4 million units out.

rogimusprime4050d ago

Did you forget all the time they just spent making (not porting) Ninja Gaiden Sigma for the "Lame system with only 4 million units sold" ? Get your head out of your @$$. Trying to start flame wars because youre too broke to afford two systems. If you're that poor you shouldn't be playing video games to begin with.

N4Gworks4Sony4050d ago

You morons I am entirely a 360 supporter but who give a rat's sh!t shooter if they make it for the ps3 as well.

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MACHone4051d ago

I'm really hoping this shows up on the PS3, even if I have to wait a few months! Can't wait to play Ninja Gaiden on my DS, either!

Ri0tSquad4051d ago

500,000 with sigma in a couple of months! They wont pass that up with putting ninja gaiden 2 on ps3 and 360 and there some what familiar with the playstation 3.

tehcellownu4051d ago

Everybody know that its confirmed for the 360..its no surprise..but i hope the dude that bring ninja gaiden sigma to the ps3 will also convince itagki to port it over..

Team Ninja did say they are bringing more future games to the ps3..and will use HOME..

tplarkin74051d ago

Itagaki has backed the Xbox and 360. He also said that NG2 is for 360. He never spoke of a PS3 version. But I don't think MS paid for exclusivity, so it could come to PS3 later.

alexander22rednaxela4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

It is only on 360 because it`s going to take advantage of 360`s easier programming and 512 ram GPU, Making it multiplatform would require at least 5 million$ in production cost from sonys bank account.

Ri0tSquad4050d ago

Lets make it a XBox 360 exclusive. Yup that makes perfect sense. Anyways I wont be surprised if it comes on the PS3 only means more money in there pocket unless M$ pays for timed exclusivity. Either way it doesn't matter the ps3 has 512 RAM to and M$ ram is slower and all sony has to do is give us one of those magical firmware updates that lowers how much ram the OS takes up then what will stop it from coming to our system then?

4050d ago
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JsonHenry4051d ago

It might end up on the PS4 as a port! LOL!

Ri0tSquad4051d ago

Ps2 couldn't handle it. So it could come to the ps3 besides why the hell would he port it to the ps4 8-10 years later? Seems kinda stupid to me unless your joking.

radzy4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

i think ps3 owners should get it,unless m$ buys out ninja gaiden franshise.
one of the best ninja games.If not , the best

gta_cb4050d ago

they didnt say the PS4 was comming out in 8-10 years, they said they want the PS3 to last about 8-10 years, doesnt mean the PS4 cant be released before the PS3 isnt in production anymore, just like the PS2's are still being made. they (game websites) expect a PS4 to be released around the same time as the next Xbox, about 2011-2012

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Bloodmask4051d ago

It is made by Itigaki. He is solely an XBOX 360 developer and has stated this many times.

The only reason why Ninja Gaiden was made for PS3 was bc it was many years later and lead by a different team by Hayashi. Team Ninja does not do ports of any of their games.

xfrgtr4051d ago

This different team will make another ninja gaiden for ps3

TriggerHappy4051d ago (Edited 4051d ago )

According to the insider, the game will be shown on the 360 first and might even launch on the 360 first because of the relationship btn the developers and the Msft. However, the game has not been announced for the PS3 "AT THE MOMENT". The PS3 version might not be revealed at TGS but an announcement will be sure to follow. you never say never.

barom4051d ago

Uhm... From what I see NGS was developed by Team Ninja. Itagaki just didn't lead the team. Get your facts straight man

tehcellownu4051d ago

if Hayashi decided to want to bring it to the PS3 most likely it will happen..They already ported ninja gaiden they mind as well bring part 2 to the ps3..also ninja gaiden sigma sold 500k which is really good..

solidt124051d ago

Dude Itigaki has handed the torch over to Hayashi's team. If you had the Ninja Gaiden Sigma extra disc you would know that. Itigaki is just there to oversee the projects and does not develop the games. I have a hard time believing that a Japanese dude is only interesting in developing for a american console that doesn't sell in his country.

crazyman4051d ago

Actually in an interview a while ago, he said that he got Hayashi to do sigma as a way to test his skills because he wants to expand his team but wont do that unless he has another leader with him because otherwise he feels that having more programmers is useless if there aren't more people in charge.

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THC CELL4051d ago

i will stick to HS for now thanks

will await more news on this later

Daishi4051d ago

Hope you liked Jade Empire...