Xbox 360 RPG Wish List

It's no real secret that the original Xbox wasn't exactly the system of choice for RPG enthusiasts.

What did come out for the big black box was, for the most part, really good, but there just wasn't enough representation of the genre. Games like Fable and Knights of the Old Republic were simply amazing, as were Morrowind and Jade Empire, but... wait, I think I just listed all of the decent Xbox RPG's right there...

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Meus Renaissance3990d ago

Yet another Xbox site drooling over PlayStation format titles.

ktchong3989d ago

All previous Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire games have NEVER been ported over to Playstation. So, Knights of the Old Republic and Jade Empire are native, authentic, original Xbox IPs.

So, you can't say putting Knights of the Old Republic III and Jade Empire II on the RPG wish list as "a Xbox site drooling over PlayStation format titles."

JasonPC360PS3Wii3989d ago

That sort of drooling? because yeah I guess it would compare to that.

Bloodmask3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

What are you talking about?? Why bc FF is on the list. FF is already on the 360. And two of the games mentioned were XBOX1 games such as Jade Empire 2, and KOTOR 3. Not to mention they were talking about true sequels to Phantasy Star and Shining force, which are Sega games.

Did you even read the article??

Chances are you have never even played the first 6 Final Fantasy games but probably claim to be a fan. As 2 of them were only released in Japan. And Shining Force and the Phantasy Star series was a staple for Sega consoles which I would bet you have played none of them.

Meus Renaissance3990d ago

We both know what FF games they're talking about you fool. Unless you believe they're wishing for a game, thats already out, to be released on the console again?!

HeavyweightInTheGame3989d ago

That is EXACTLY waht I say to PS3 rpg fans. "Have you ever played the first six?" Like 90 percent of them have never even heard of the series till part 7 came out.

BTW bubbles for you.

green_ghost53990d ago

all of those games suck!!! except for KOTOR, where the hell was Fable 2.
FF games all suck, I hate turn based startagy rpgs.
Fable 2 should have def. made that list.

GameOn3990d ago

I also hate turn based RPG's, but you can't just say they suck.

Eclipticus3990d ago

what list? are you an idiot? Fable 2 is already coming out? this is a wish list of things that need to come out. stupid

FFVIIFan3990d ago

any remake or re-release of Skies of Arcadia, but it was already done on the GameCube. Too soon for another. :(

Bloodmask3990d ago

and a bubble for you. Skies of Arcadia was a real gem. It was made by the original Phantasy Star team. A lot of people don't realize that.

BBsin3990d ago

Skies of arcadia was great, cheezy but good game none the less. However, i wouldn't really call the gamecube version a "remake" it felt and looked alot like a port if anything.

Eclipticus3990d ago

yeah. I bought Skies 3 times. once on DC, then again on GC, but i got rid of all the GC games, but when i got my wii i got Skies again. But even the GC Skies, isnt a true sequal just the first game, with added stuff.
They need a full game

Dr Pepper3990d ago

The day they announce KOTOR 3 will be a glorious day!!!

BLACKJACK VII3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

KOTOR III would be amazing (!!!), Bioware rocks. I'm not a *huge* RPG fan, never liked the FF series.... but loved Fable & *especially* KOTOR.

MASS EFFECT will be the only RPG I need, but I'll definately get Fable 2 & Fallout 3 & Two Worlds as well. IMHO, I dont care for Blue Dragon & Eternal Sonata & Final Fantasy style stuff... but Mass Effect & KOTOR ROCK !!!

I guess I don't care for JRPG's too much like Captain Tuttle said.

ShiftyLookingCow3989d ago (Edited 3989d ago )

agreed it will be glorious indeed, will we follow the guy from KOTOR2 into the mysterious place ot will we play Revan as he goes beyond good and evil or is it a new person entirely? What about Bastila?(canon is the good ending so she is probably still alive). I remember trying to save her in the first game, damn she was so depressed in the end, not exact quote "one little light in an ocean of darkness why should I live?". I would like HK47 to come back too.

@Blackjack, you might want to skip Two Worlds, reading european reviews it doesn't look like a good game(the devs boasted about it being better than Oblivion, reminds me of Haze)

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