Peach Smash Bros. Comparison (Wii/GC)

Here's a few images that compare Peach's detail in the new Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii) compared to Super Smash Bros. Melee (GC). Environment details are also noticed as a big improvement. ;)

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resistance1004050d ago

Personally i can't see a huge difference, the graphics on the wii peach have been met in other GC games IMO

cooke154050d ago

I definitely see the difference in polygon counts

orange144050d ago

Yeah, I can definitely see a lot more clarity and definition in her outfit and everything.

MACHone4050d ago

A small one, though. There's slightly more polygons in the Wii game and the textures are more complex. HOWEVER, I'm seriously wondering if the GameCube would be just as capable as delivering the same graphics as Brawl does on the Wii. Sometimes it takes developers a few tries to get character models looking their best. A great example is Jak & Daxter compared to Jak II -- same consoles, HUGE difference in polygons and details.

cooke154050d ago

A great looking Wii game is always going to look better than a great looking GC game because Wii has twice the capabilities

Omegasyde4049d ago

to go twice the details is an overstatement.

From all we know, they could of took the Gamecube version,

1) redo some of the textures
2) add more characters
3) and Wii-mote functionality
4) online capabilities

The game will be great and I Really hope they include
sonic the hedge hog in it. Also being a Wii owner this game and metroid prime are only justifications for buying a Wii. (As of right now)

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The story is too old to be commented.