Newbies Guide to Halo Universe : Halo 1 and 2 Story with videos, Prep for Halo 3

This is strictly for those who have never played the first two Halo games and are planning on purchasing Halo 3 or joining the Halo Universe. Here is a summary of what you've missed so you guys won't be lost in the third one.

This week is the all text edition with videos, containing the summaries for Halo First Strike, and Halo Ghosts of Onyx. Both are books in the Halo universe written by Eric Nylund and awesome reads if you're wanting some fun reading.

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socomnick3990d ago

That was very informative thanks I never played halo 1 or halo 2 Im a Ps1 and Ps2 owner and this gen I chose to support the xbox 360 and ps3 later when There are games that interest me. Looking forward to halo 3

TriggerHappy3990d ago

Very true, I would recommend this to any one who is about to join the halo guild or someone who has just been playing the game just for the hell of it and haven't really been following the story ...:)

DaTrooF3990d ago

Capcom should do something like that for DMC(only played 3)
and RE(only played 4).

Hooby3990d ago

ehh...The thing about the RE series is that they don't really go together. Yeah theres some basic connections, but they aren't so much a series that have stories that go together so much as their own things (all obviously, based zombie type things..)

STICKzophrenic3990d ago (Edited 3990d ago )

I'm new to Halo, but I want Halo 3. That's too much to read for me. I'll probably just jump in and be confused. :-\

Daewoodrow3990d ago

You might find it a bit difficult going straight into Halo 3!
If I were you i'd get a preowned copy of 1 + 2 (very cheap) and play through on easy (to get the story quicker). You'll thank yourself when you pick up 3!

STICKzophrenic3990d ago

I've been tempted to do that, but there's already so many games coming out that I don't want to spend the money on last gen games. Plus Bioshock is coming out, and I'd much rather play that than old games.

maybe next year in the summer lull I'll grab all three Halo games and play through them.

Daewoodrow3990d ago

Ironic that this should be on the PS3 forums. Refreshing though.

Looks like a very detailed guide. I've played the games and read all the novels, but I think i'll read it through today anyway.

Lakuspakus3990d ago

Pretty detailed guide indeed. But i would still deeply recommend reading the Books instead of reading this "Little" guide.

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