skate Demo Date Set - Xbox 360 owners will be cruising San Vanelona this week

Man gamers anxious to give skate's innovative dual-analogue controls a try were given some bad news last week. The skate demo, originally set for August 15, was delayed. After ironing out some technical issues, skate's due date on Live Marketplace has been set for Tuesday, August 21.

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gta_cb4051d ago

lol look at all of the reports, and yet the person who has submitted this article has done nothing to get it approved, if you submit an article/news then you should always try and log in as much as possible just incase you have made mistakes

ALI-G4050d ago

i love demoes bacause they are freeeeeeeeeeeee

SuperSaiyan44050d ago

Less demos on the PS3 is clear I think that it does take developers longer to make multi platform games so since its quicker on the 360 devs can also create a demo as well.

Demos have to be 'made' so this cuts into development time.