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NowGamer speaks to The Creative Assembly's Online Manager Mark O'Donnell about the game, the tactics, new features and the possibility of console ports - "Technology has come a long way in the ten years since Shogun: Total War was released. In fact, this is one of the main factors in wanting to return to the period. We had a lot of ideas that simply weren’t possible a decade ago, and now we are able to go back and make the game we originally wanted to. Naval battles started life as auto-resolvable affairs, rather than the fully 3D real-time battles that debuted in Empire: Total War."

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Ares84PS32806d ago

Strategy games are easy to controll now with Kinect and Move. I love total War games and this would be amazing!!!

vTuro242806d ago

...DON'T bring this game to consoles!!!! I mean I love my ps3 but that would just fuck everything up...

Ares84PS32806d ago

This is just stupid to say. How would a game get fucked up if they would port it on consoles?

It would mean only more sales.

PC version will be superior anyway but people like me who can't stand PC gaming for all it's hassle would be very happy with a console version.

smilydude132806d ago

Because consoles are significantly weaker than PC's, meaning they'd have to cater to the lowest common denominator. You.

Less detail on units, smaller battles etc. It would have to be gimped horribly, and that would be such a shame considering Total War is one of the most engrossing and fun experiences in games I've ever had (I've dumped 300 hours into Empire unmodded alone. Who knows how many I've spent playing Medieval 2 Stainless Steel).

Jrome2806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

When you make a game for PC and consoles...the PC version usually has way better graphics...there is no lowest common denominator ruining of the game for PC.

Now i'm also a hardcore total war player (stainless steel as well ^_^...even still play some rome total war) but I think it would be great to bring the new shogun at least to ps3 with move support this game is too epic to confine to just PC xD. Even if it came to consoles I would still get it on PC would be cool if they did do that, just to get more people to access the game and see how epic it is O_O.

eggbert2806d ago

but if they can actually port it to consoles WITHOUT gimping the PC version i'm fine with it.

But yea I much prefer keyboard and mouse in strategy games.

TANUKI2806d ago

Agreed. Some games are just meant for certain platforms. I too, prefer strategy games for PC.

Letros2806d ago

But, I thought PC had no good exclusives, why would you want this?

hoops2806d ago

If they make this for the console, that's fine...just do not gimp the PC version by lowering the unit count...Detail...etc. That a console version will have.

Ares84PS32806d ago (Edited 2806d ago )

"lowest common denominator. You."

You know, this tells me a lot about you and a great example of how PC gamers think.

I won't say anything else. I let you and others figure out what I'm trying to say here but I wonder....when you look in the mirror what you feel.

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RandomGamer2806d ago

I'm gonna have to upgrade my PC before this game comes out.