The Worst Videogame Box Covers Part 3 from

We've all seen them. We pop into our local gamestore and notice a game, not because you've heard great things about it. Oh no you spot it just because how shoddy the box cover is.

1UP has done a feature of what they believe are the worst box covers ever.

Hit the jump to see if you agree what games made the cut and what you think should have made it

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toughNAME3929d ago

the Halo 3 regular edition box art is pretty damn ugly...too much orange
lol but who buys the regular edition of HALO 3!?

resistance1003929d ago

i do :( im not paying for extras i dont need

djt233929d ago

Karnaaj Rally damm what the hell they was thinking
Golden Axe damm
4-D Boxing lol lol that you horrible
Double Dungeons the artist was on something that day

San anto3929d ago

really funny read the 2nd article its better

resistance1003929d ago

I just can't believe how much worse the US ICO boxart is compared with the PAL boxart

Mr VideoGames3929d ago

i didn't even notice how many Retarded and stupid looking covers there are in the World, this article really told me somethin i didn't know

Jeebus3929d ago

I laughed out loud at some of the comments made by the writer.

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