Top 10 FPS Single Player Games

FPS - First person shooter. Three words, one genre and a whole host of games; it's almost the de facto style for a PC game today. That's you holding that gun, casting the spell and swinging the sword; you get to choose exactly where you look, touch and move to. It's the closest you can get to that virtual world.

Shooting games have been around since... well, if electricity was around when Noah was rebuilding after the floods, bets money that they'd be playing a shooting game of some kind. Fairground attractions have offered the punter the chance to pop a cap in a duck's head for nearly a century now and there's no denying that it's the most popular activity in games (e.g. Action Man or Cowboys 'n' Indians all involve the use of guns).

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RadientFlux4015d ago

I agree with the this list, even though it appears to focus only PC FPS only. I still remember the first time I played Half Life and being in complete shock on how the story telling elements were put together.

TriggerHappy4015d ago

PC's have the best shooters so far as I know, just recently have consoles started to get some decent shooters as well.

RadientFlux4015d ago

Some would argue that GoldenEye and Halo should be on the list as well.

I completely agree that PC have always had the best shooters, even though I hardly ever play games on my computer anymore, since I spend my entire work day on the computer.

TriggerHappy4015d ago

I heard Halo's multiplayer is the ish but I dont know about the single player though ? Is it as great as the multi ?

I have never really played a Halo game so I wouldn't know.

toughNAME4015d ago

Halo 1 singleplayer is some of the best singleplayer iv ever played :D

Halo 2 single player...lacking

Halo 3 will fu*k this list up!

djt234014d ago

PC's have some of best shooters
i was wonder about GoldenEye, Halo and URT 2004

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TheMART4015d ago

Bioshock should have been in that top 10 for sure!

Mr VideoGames4015d ago

it hasn't even been released to the Public yet i don't think it was even Qualified or allowed to be in the Top 10 i think it needs to be Released before it can be in such a List

Daishi4014d ago

That's why System Shock 2 made the list. Same guys but hopefully this time they will get the credit they deserve.

Dr Pepper4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

I don't see what is so great about FEAR...

What I noticed was:

1) Repetitive level design (very repetitive).

2) Very little variety in enemies.

3) Not scary, even though it tried hard to be (very predictable, imo).

4) Repetitive gameplay (slow motion,shoot, run into the next room, slow motion, shoot, run into the next room...).

The one good thing about the game was good AI. Perhaps someone can tell me why they found it to be such a great game?

Charlie26884015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

you seem to try REALLY hard to downplay the game...


Edit: are you trying to tell me that you played it and didn't enjoyed it not even a little?..hold on a sec which version do you have?

Dr Pepper4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Sorry, I just don't see why people think it's so great. I'm welcome to someone disagreeing with me and giving their opinoins on the game/reasons for liking it, but no one does. Would you like to tell me why people find it to be so good?

Edit: I had the 360 version. I'm not saying it was the worst game I've ever played either, it just wasn't what I was expecting from the legendary FEAR that I had heard a lot about (it left me disappointed).

Charlie26884015d ago

well ill try to express in the best way so you can understand me

well we might first star by saying that playing the console version of the game is the worst choice to judge them since it is confirmed that they are slower and dumbed down from the original (that is why there is a notable deference with the scores between the console version and the PC one) for control and difficulty purposes (at least that is what the devs said) and then you might have to be a FPS fan (like me) to FULLY appreciate the full extent of the game

The primary thing that makes FEAR standout from the FPS to actually be recognized and included in the list of many FPS fans is the adrenaline action packed brutality of the fights that is why this game is considered in the FPS fans circles as gun porn, this is composed of

a) the incredible slow motion that thanks to the particle effects and the destructible environments makes it one and possibly the best slow mo (playable) found in a game

b) the AI is one of the best found in recent games since it almost feels like playing against real life players and this made the player immersion reach levels not reached with any game in recent years that is why FEARs AI is the new synonym of excellent AI

frankly all the rest falls secondary to the simple FEAR experience composed of the slow mo and AI, it is worth to take notice of the scare factor since it was one of the first games to bring the real horror to the next gen games and not in the Doom 3 way with the classical "monster in the closet" but in an actual disturbing way were many people report not being able to play the game for long periods of time since it was to stressing and mentally consuming (a thing I actually experience in a unpleasant way in the expansion)

sadly at the end you got to experience the lesser version of this things since the consoles version as I previously mentioned had easier AI than the PC version and in this game gave a huge advantage to the slow mo to become routine, I in my personal experience had to take small pauses to analyze certain situation on how to outsmart the AI and take advantage of the slow mo to win, one single mistake and I will be dead VERY fast since the weapons were VERY realistic since a few shot will kill you like in real life, for example when you fight the 2 mechs and a whole squad of soldiers and a heavy soldier (when you cross from a building to the next) I honestly have NEVER had a huge challenge in ANY other FPS in a battle so unfair that when finally done with it I felt so accomplished a thing us gamers LOVE

If you can I would recommend getting the PC version with the expansion (the one that REALLY takes horror to the NEXT level with some of THE most disturbing moments in a FPS EVER) in a PC that can handle it to the max (dont worry from the games date you dont really need a ultra high end) and replaying it again I guarantee you (unless you are not in to FPS at all) it will change the way you see FEAR


Daishi4014d ago

I would agree with what he said. I've played and beat both the 360 and PC version and I actually find them to be quite equal. Of course the PC version has much better shooting controls but I enjoyed melee so much more on the 360 version. The apeal to me is that everytime I pull the trigger (especially with the shotgun) it's like a piece of art. Once I blew a guy in half while his top have spun in the air still fireing, breaking glass and sending debris everywhere all in slow motion. Another time I slide kicked another enemy and he did a back flip through a sheet of glass and into the next room. Yes there are few enemy types but it's the situations that are so varied. But, like everything, not everyone can enjoy it if it's not what you expected. The one thing that we can all agree on was how freaking awesome it was to fight Alma (and find out who she was, and yourself) in the end.

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HeavyweightInTheGame4015d ago

You took the exact words rightout of my mouth. I was just about to state that those two were missing. Even though this list does focus greatly on the PC, we must remember that Halo was brought out on it and pretty much deserved a spot on that list.

iceice1234015d ago

Should have been there and replaced Fear. Fear is garbage, no replay value and boring as hell.

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