Blu-Ray 3D Exclusivity May Kill Format

I4U: Of the 25 Blu-ray 3D titles that are being manufactured and pressed this year, only six will be available on store shelves. And most of those aren't even heavy-hitting titles. As a result, there's a lot of mixed feelings about the future of the brand new format

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Bluemaster772205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

No one Cares about 3D that much it just isnt that impressive out side of theaters

Thecraft19892205d ago

so translation you can't afford a 3dtv

Lord_Doggington2205d ago BadLanguageShow
Petro2205d ago


Maybe because the image wont pop right before your eyes with glasses free setups? Seriously people stop being so exited for glasses free 3D cause the image wont come out of the TV it goes inside of the TV and that is weak.

Thecraft19892205d ago

Lord_Doggington glasses 3d tech is years and years away with my 3dtv I can have all friends sat around the tv rather than them all having to be centre with glasses 3d tech as the viewing angle on them is terrbile.

I was in manchester with friends testing the 3ds and it was amazing if you where the one playing but if you where guy on side then it was blury and could not see the 3d effect.

catguykyou2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

So translation, you already blew your savings on a glasses 3d tv and can't afford a new glasses free set.

The glasses free sets that are coming out allow the viewer to sit at many different angles, not just straight ahead. Also, you won't have to buy 200$ glasses for each of your friends.

Lord_Doggington2205d ago

just youtube glasses free 3d tv and you'll see that the tech has been available for a while.

also "it's doesn't pop out of the tv?" youtube that shit, son. they even say that it pops out of the tv.

stop arguing crap and do your damn research.

Oh and multiple viewing angles is also available.

you idiots will argue anything but know absolutely nothing.

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richierich2205d ago

@Bluemaster77 Im sorry but I have to disagree with you I own a 3D TV and 2 days ago I bought a 3D blu ray player to see what all the fuss was about. And after seeing Monsters vs Aliens I was blown away with the quality the depth and the effects where things popped out of the screen. I think you show own a 3D TV before you say that it isnt impressive out side of theaters

stevenhiggster2205d ago

Personally I don't care for it, I've been round a few stores to check out their 3D displays and it really didn't impress me at all, it's just total meh.
And I dunno if it's just me but I can clearly see the flickering and it's very annoying, no way I could watch a movie or play a game like that.

rdgneoz32205d ago

I've watched movies in 3D and enjoyed it. Though I'd rather get a 3D TV for gaming rather than the movies. I still remember the video with Jimmy Falon when he switched from regular to 3D with Killzone 3.

crzyjackbauer2204d ago

personally i worry more about my eye sight
i already need glasses i dont want to go blind

GamerSciz2205d ago

Nuff said. 3DS only works because of the screen size and how you are always around the same distance from the screen. Glassless 3D is in the works but it's not practical at all for the home. I am looking to get a 3D tv. Best buy has 3 years no interest on any TV over $700 or something around there. I am looking at a 46" Sony or Samsung 3D. I will mainly use it for games, and movies however Time Warner Cable just announced in a month or two they will be giving me ESPN 3D. Monday night Football in 3D sounds like fun to me.

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Sweeper_2205d ago

Dont know about Blu ray but 3D is definetly doomed.Its a gimmick.It always has been.Its not mind blowing on any level

LeonSKennedy4Life2205d ago should play Motorstorm in 3D.

Kain812205d ago

Motorstorm Apocalypse allows user-made game modes to be shared via PSN

OneShotThrill2205d ago

Blu Ray isnt even a "new" format anymore it will be fine but its a stupid ass idea to sign exclusivity deals for movies to certain TV brand manufacturers. Exactly how can they try to push 3d as some grand ass form of entertainment when they are making it terribly difficult for the consumer to adjust? Im going to need a Panasonic 3d TV if i want to see The Avatar in 3d? Thats just retarted....

JoelR2204d ago

at least Sony out of the lot is selling the 3d movies they have in stores... Go to your best buy and pick em up. I don't understand the idea of platform exclusives on movies in a hardware industry that needs contentto be adopted.

JoelR2204d ago (Edited 2204d ago )

*double post*

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N4g_null2205d ago

The Sony 3d fish tank is the only way I go 3d.

enkeixpress2205d ago (Edited 2205d ago )

What I find funny is that why is 3D only starting to bloom now.. It should have been out there ages ago lol

Aquarius2205d ago

because 3DTVs have only just been available to the public?

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