Sony wants your brains

Remember the older commercial from Sony that was intended to show off the power of the PS2 by showing a fully immersed virtual reality gaming situation? The commercial showed a young man in the future battling people on the streets, swimming in a vast ocean and even playing Jai-Alai across the towering buildings. It was dubbed the Playstation 9.

Well as outlandish as the commercial may have looked at the time, far be it from Sony to think of it as merely a well thought out marketing scheme. Sony, in cooperation with scientists in San Diego have patented a technology for non-invasive brain targeting devices that essentially shoot ultrasound waves to stimulate brain tissue and create "sensory experiences" such as touch, taste, sight, smell and sound. One additional claim is that this technology could be used for a more noble cause such as allowing the blind to see, or the deaf to hear.

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DrPirate3934d ago

1 word: Cool.

Or really scary :S

Ri0tSquad3934d ago

Cant wait to see how its going to be!

neil19883934d ago

i dont like sony at all . but that is great it would be wonderful if some one finaly did that .COOL

DJ3934d ago

I can't decide at the moment. What an outlandish idea (i.e. right up their alley)

Raptors3934d ago

Honestly i'm still debating whether thats amazing or if its scary.

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The story is too old to be commented.