BioShock Faceplates Selling Like Hotcakes

With BioShock mania at a peak just four days before it's release, these rare faceplates have begun surfacing on eBay and are fetching anywhere upwards of $100 or more in some cases.

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Lakuspakus4055d ago

No wonder. They are relly sexy.
I'm a person who normally dont care what my console looks like.
But I'd gladly preorder a Bioshock Special Edition to get one of those!

MACHone4055d ago

Around 360 launch, Microsoft showed off a bunch of different faceplates and boasted about how great it would be to have tons of different varieties to choose from... but look where we are now. Where the hell are all the awesome faceplates? Sure, this BioShock one is pretty damn cool, but they made it a limited edition! Grr! And what is the average consumer left with? Gears of War and Halo 2 faceplates? Please!

crazyman4055d ago

Although I like the faceplate idea, I wont get one. The main reason for this is it makes the console look wierd if you can see any surface other than the front.

Thats why I always use skins instead. Slightly more expensive for a full skin but I feel its worth it.

benny o klaatt4055d ago

offering a free face plate with their orders of bioshock. while it aint the same as the ones on this post, i think these are pretty cool too

Lakuspakus4055d ago

Both look gorgeous. I just hope I'll be able to get one without ordering Bishock.
(I live in norway and have already ordered my copy here)

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