Halo: Reach Data Pad Locations (All 19 Data Pads)

Halo Reach Planet was the first to find all 19 hidden Data Pads in Halo: Reach. Halo Reach Planet has location guides and transcripts for every data pad. Video Guides are included.

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meowser2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Just saying.
Photo of their site: http://www.haloreachplanet....

Look at the out of place capital letters.


meowser2746d ago

Why would you disagree? You can clearly see it on their site. Halo Reach Planet hid these in their transcripts to see who copied -_-

DirectGaming2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

It doesn't matter if "strengththegamer" got their's up here first, they weren't the ones that found them.
Furthermore, at least at the time I'm posting this, the site you linked just has the 16th Data Pad copied from HaloReachPlanet.

Give credit where credit is due and get this posted.

BlueTroll2746d ago

I believe it's "strengthgamer", no "the" needed, and from what I can tell, they had theirs up first (just going off of dates, which is the only real measurement I have)

And how can something be copy/pasted that is common information? Doesn't the data pad say what it says, regardless of who types it up online?

Looked for the "hidden letters" on their site, and they aren't there. Soooo yeah... credit where credit is due?

meowser2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

You're right, that site has fixed their entry since last night to remove the capital letters. They were absolutely there though. I spoke with the site owner, Anthony, and he told me that one of his contributors had stolen it without his knowledge.

Furthermore, he's borrowed's method of tracking this. If you read through their Transcript #1, they now spell out STRENGTHGAMER in all caps -_-

The site still clearly reads at the top of this page: "*some of these items are from Make sure to check them out!*"

AnthonyAccinell2745d ago

It's Anthony from strengthgamer here. Everyone should than Halo Reach Planet for finding these. Especially 16 ;) they are definitely the first site to find the majority of these, and along with that they are an awesome group of guys. No hate! Let's just play some Reach!

Thecraft19892745d ago

found them all on second run love the campaign for this game

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