Eternal Sonata still 360 exclusive, new details

During an Eternal Sonata conference call last night, Xbox360fanboy managed to clarify some details on the game and even uncover some new details. First of all, they learned that the game should take about 30 hours to complete for players that wish to simply charge through. If, however, you wish to complete all the side-quests (and you won't get the full story if you don't), it will take much longer. In fact, some of the side-quests aren't even accessible on the first play-through, so players will have at least some incentive to go through the game more than once.

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TriggerHappy3930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

Double post.

resistance1003930d ago (Edited 3930d ago )

I expect a port to PS3 if the west don't take to this game, it sold poorly in japan

synetic3930d ago

ps3 will have a port its only time exclusive , you dont see in the cover the " only on xbox 360 "

alexander22rednaxela3930d ago

The "ONLY ON XBOX 360" label means more than that the game is only coming to the 360 console, there is allot of legal and IP property issues involved in that label, that some companies want to avoid.

Bioshock is a good example of a game that was soo experimental that MS did not want too by the IP for the game right away. Though if Bioshock is a HUGE success MS is shure to buy the IP for any price.

mikeslemonade3930d ago

I predict it's going to PS3 in two years once the PS3 sells more than the 360.

ArduousAndy3930d ago

care. When this was announced as 360 only they said it sucked

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The story is too old to be commented.