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N4G Vindictus Early Access Beta Giveaway

We ran out of keys during the night, if you PMEd me for one check your inbox, requests were answered in the order they were received. If you got a key please consider sharing your 2 extras here: http://forums.n4g.com/Offic...

N4G and Nexon have teamed up to bring you guys Early Access Beta Keys for their upcoming 3D action MMORPG Vindictus.

To get your closed beta key, just PM Cat ( http://n4g.com/user/home/ca... ). A beta key will be sent within 12 hours (worst case scenario ;) ) to your N4G PM inbox.

Instructions on How to Redeem
1) PM Catastrophe and get your key!
2) Go to http://vindictus.nexon.net/...
3) Follow the instructions and you're good to go!

Early Access to Open Beta starts Sept. 15 and will run until Oct. 6. Keys will only be active until Oct. 6.

Only open to North America. Europe service will start at a later date. (PC, Vindictus)

PsERSONA  +   1810d ago
Some people may want to know that Nexon usually IP block people outside of NA and Canada. A little heads up before you go through the trouble.
CLOUD1983  +   1810d ago
so r u saying that ppl from EU cant enter the beta??? r u sure about this?
aCROX999  +   1809d ago
I heard they said they won't block anyone in OB. Or, maybe they will because Vindictus EU is coming out soon.
HeroXIV  +   1810d ago
The Vindictus guys really love N4G lol. Got my key. See y'all online! :)
downcelot  +   1810d ago
can i have one of the retention keys you get after creating the account? .. CAT SENT ME A KEY!!! God blesses N4G!
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vampstreak  +   1810d ago
kool got my key and the 2 spares which i wont be needing, if anyone wants one pm me
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vampstreak  +   1810d ago
ok i gave the keys away, had so many messages and only 2 keys sorry guys
ApexHell  +   1810d ago
cant wait to play on the 15th :D
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Lirky  +   1810d ago
i pmed catastrophe it would be neat if i get one.
Palanco  +   1810d ago
Beta key.
If anyone got a spare one i would reald love one, this game looks decent to be f2p and iv been looking for a good one for a long time now.
mortalrage  +   1810d ago
If anyone has an extra key, It would make me happy if you could pm me with the extra one :)
mortalrage  +   1810d ago
nvm got one :)
Gliz9  +   1810d ago
Beta Key
If I do get one, I'll make sure to pm someone with one also.
Raikiri  +   1805d ago
kdogdaddy  +   1810d ago | Well said
Got the keys, many thanks to catastrophe. Looking forward to the closed beta!
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1810d ago
To whoever made this possible. Got my key, and giving 2 to my friends. XD
madara0sama  +   1810d ago
It's pretty easy to get a beta key now. If you check the Nexon forums there's many way. I played the closed beta and all I can say that its a good game but can get a bit repetitive other than that its pretty good mmo considering its free.
Lirky  +   1810d ago
Yay i got a beta key from catastrophe thanks.
rekof  +   1810d ago
Some one pm me please if you get 2 codes,..
WolfsFang  +   1810d ago
show some love?
can someone shot me a code plz :<?
Cat  +   1810d ago
Why don't you :

Instructions on How to Redeem
1) PM Catastrophe and get your key!

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WolfsFang  +   1810d ago
haha i tried but said the servers couldent send the message :< thanks for the key! <3
Diesblood  +   1810d ago
Please? :D
Can someone give spare me a key? I really want to try this master piece!
Beta047  +   1810d ago
guys just pm him it really works and it didnt say he ran outta keys yet so get it right now while u have the time it only toke an hour for me to get a key just try it
Cat  +   1810d ago | Funny
And you were one of the poor souls that had to wait the longest!!

Guys, I promise I'll let you know when we run out and save you the time and anxiety of PMing. Actually, I'll probably just ask NEXON for more keys!

(also, "she" ;) )
ebn090  +   1810d ago
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geebo100  +   1810d ago
Thanks Cat. You rock.
majinosity  +   1807d ago
anyone have any keys? buddy keys?

[email protected]

SquaredCircle  +   1807d ago
I'm late.. :(
Cat  +   1805d ago
We just got a brand new batch of keys this evening from NEXON - may the fun resume!
Lannient  +   1805d ago
Awesome :P
alucard911  +   1805d ago
NICENESS im just hoping im not to late.
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alucard911  +   1805d ago
am i late?
well am i late? lol
alucard911  +   1805d ago
i would be happy as all mighty hell if someone who had an extra would pm me one. ive been dying to play a good hack and slash mmo since they started coming out and this seems like it could take the cake. its a tie between this and tera although i like this one more.

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