TGS 2010 Predictions

With Tokyo Game Show right around the corner, many gamers are wondering what games will be announce, and which developer will release more detail on their games.
Here is a list of predictions for TGS 2010.

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IrishYamato2319d ago

I hope Sony show the PSP2. If they are going to show it, TGS is the best place for it. I've had my hopes crushed twice this year (E3 and Gamescon) already, where i thought a PSP2 announcement was guaranteed. If they dont show it, i may break down and cry this time because i am sick of waiting for something that probably doesnt even exist. COME ON SONY SHOW THE PSP2.

GWAVE2319d ago

I love PSP. With 3DS coming out, I wouldn't mind a PSP2 (since I'll end up getting both eventually).

Nitrowolf22319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

i could dream

IrishYamato2319d ago

Why the heck did i get so many disagrees with my first comment?. If they came from MS and Nintendo fans then i can understand that but my comment was aimed at PSP fans, not you. I cant see a current PSP owner not wanting a proper follow up to the handheld.

topdawg1222319d ago

Where my Last Guardian at?

topdawg1222319d ago

Where my Final Fantasy Versus XIII at?
( better not announce multiplatform squenix! )

morkendo232319d ago

but i would love to get my hands on
MARVEL VS. DC fighting game.
CAPCOM you can do it!!

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Lovable2319d ago

Haha. At least it's getting a 10%.

-Alpha2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

JRPG games are the genre I want to see more of for TGS

I'm praying for Dark Cloud 3 but Valkyria Chronicles 3 is happening so more information on that will be awesome.

The Last Guardian is all I want to see. I'm hoping for a new trailer, gameplay, and information on the story/release date.

Myze2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

Dark Cloud 3, while unlikely at the moment with all the stuff L5 is working on, is my most anticipated game for any system (or the announcement of it, anyway). Well, second to a direct sequel/prequel/remake of Xenogears (which will never happen).

albel_nox2319d ago

How about a new tri-Ace game? Perhaps Valkyrie Profile 3?

Lovable2319d ago

I would kill to get Valkyrie Profile 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.