GRAW 2 Screen Comparison : PS3 vs Xbox360

N4G member Cartesian3D made this picture for screen comparison between the PS3 and X360 versions of GRAW 2...

Images on the left side are from the PS3 version, images on the right side are from the X360. Source images are courtesy of

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Cartesian3D4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

EDIT : Thx TNS for your help ( for EDITing the text ) :)

and to guys said its not a good comparison :

I HAVE NOT GRAW 2 PS3 version in my HANDS RIGHT NOW , so dont say BS "they are not in same location,Lighting,blahblah... "
there is no lighting in many of 360 screens..

I DID show u that LIGHTING sux in 360 version ... and GRAW 2 devs Fix that problem, they polished it and make it so much better in my eyes..

anyway I said many times that I DONT WANT TO SAY PS3 is MORE POWERFULL , look at Virtua Fighter, oblivion and now GRAW 2 .. its about BRAIN . EA hasnt one. thats all

TnS4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

But where are the pictures?
Edit: Ok, you attached it.

eLiNeS4018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

These are the worst pictures I have ever seen to compare with. There not even taken at the same time of day or same exact spot of the game. They don't even look like there from the same source. If you're going to compare something, you have to compare from the same setup not from 6 or 8 different setups. Next!!!

Omegasyde4018d ago

no offense but the only thing to really go off that is the same......... is comparing the grass. Big whup. Flame bait article number ___40002193

MrSwede4018d ago

Bad pics to do a comparison with. I mean you can´t even get a good close look at the grass....(remember Dirt comparison?)

WilliamRLBaker4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

yeah... Im confused by you whole statement....Let alone the fact that all the images used are IGN images you did no comprison images...this is not your creation.....

And from your first post its like your saying, I have the 360 version and ps3 version and I did these direct captures my self...

this is ign, and you did a sucky image comparison.

spasticjustice4017d ago

Are you even speaking english? I can't understand a single word that you write, your english skills are just about as bad as your comparison photo's.

darx4017d ago

Still doesn't justify me spending an extra $200.00.

DG4017d ago

Bad comparison...but if you do go by the pics PS3 looks better, as it should since it had more dev time. Compare games that came out the same time like Stranglehold or The Darkness, Madden etc. (actually dont use any EA games). Flamebait, moving on.

dantesparda4017d ago

Just listen to you 360 fanboys, you people are pathetic! "One of the worst comparisons ever!?" are you people fvcking kidding me? this is one of the best user created comparisons i have ever seen on this site, and especially when you consider the fact that he did it by using pictures from IGN's site. Good job Cartesian, dont listen to these little mad fanboys. That's why they are all talking sh!t about this. Cuz they are man cuz they cant stand the fact that the PS3 version does look better on these pics. They are nothing more than rabid fanboys, that cant take it. If anybody can show me some better "user created" comparison pictures on this site, then you can prove me wrong. Otherwise, shut the fvck up and stop your little b!tch fanboy whining.

"Fanboys" are pathetic!

Blabbermouth4017d ago (Edited 4017d ago )

I've played the 360 version. And I've played the PS3 demo, I can say hands down that the PS3 version looks better. The shadow effects are a lot better, and it makes a big difference.

I know theres a difference in the pictures but thats actually what the 360 version and PS3 one looks like. 360 ones you notice the lack of shadows in the plants. And when you walk up to vehicles, your shadow dosn't cast on them like they should etc. But shadows in general are better in ever object in the PS3 one, ranging from people, landscape etc. And I'm not sure if there's more jaggies in the 360, but you notice it quite a bit the in the 360 version. Although I think that has to do with the better shadows on the PS3 version, and because of that the jaggies are not so noticeable. Over all 360 one looks more washed out than PS3 version.

Oh yeah, and if you turn on the Full RGB setting on the PS3 it makes a little difference too the looks in GRAW2 also. The RGB settings are Supported on most Hi-Def TV's, most TV have it set low. Makes a huge difference in most games, Resistance exceptionally. And you need HDMI. Go to your PS3/settings/display settings/RGB full(HDMI) and set to full.

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Cartesian3D4018d ago

lol .. I had a big mistake.. didnt upload in ADD MORE IMAGE ...fogive me guys..

gta_cb4017d ago

just wanted to know why you have put the channels in the PC and PSP section? ..... oh and also the comparison you have done is one of the worste i have seen.

A Man4018d ago

The ps3 version does look better. I'm suprised.
Nuff said

Fisher3394018d ago

Yup Bout time Ubisoft started doing a good job.

looks good, may pick it up

Cartesian3D4018d ago

thx for your reports.. I fixed those problems..

now Approve it if u want .. or use that picture and make your own News with non problems.. I dont want any point in this site.. lol

just show that GRAW 2 devs did a good job on PS3 version

and They improved LIGHTING( I didnt see any lighting in many 360 screens, I saw it just in some outdoor screens from Jungle )

and they improved Trees,grass.. and so on.. GRAW2 Ps3 version is alil bit better than 360 with more content :)

THC CELL4018d ago

wow a this is one of the best ubisoft ports i have ever seen.

Ps3 wins.

yes they had more time

Makes me think now
will dev like this recon team will start making ps3 games ground up and porting them to ps3.