Cloud Gaming – Is it truly a gaming revolution?

Is Cloud gaming truly a gaming revolution? It's the make or break for the industry, read on to see what I think.

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PS3-2472806d ago

For me it's not. I like physical copies of my games.

R6ex2805d ago

Its getting ridiculous, having an i7-980X CPU bottle-neck your gaming PC as it can't handle the GTX 480 Tri-SLI which powers games like Metro 2033 at max settings across 3 ultra-HD monitors! And that's a stupid $10K liquid-cooled system!

Cloud computing has to the next big thing!

No more expensive pieces of gaming hardware heating up your home & driving you nuts with the noise of all those coolers & fans in that gigantic casing.

The future is ultra-high resolutions as internet download/upload speeds will increase leaps & bounds with fibre optics.

Looking forward to that day!