EA expects Bulletstorm to sell as much as Gears

Though Bulletstorm is a new IP, EA has high hopes for the title based on its developer's heritage.

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Cajun Chicken2779d ago

Better. Because I'm actually buying a copy and it's on all platforms.

Game-ur2779d ago

Too many FPS games this year and early 2011, even if it's multiplatform, it will maybe sell 2-4m units.

StanLee2779d ago

Yeah, I'm going to have to agree with you. I mean Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Gears of War 3, Dead Space 2; there are so many great games in the early part of next year and I think Homefront may be a sleep. Just too many shooters for a new IP to really make any really impact and I'm pretty sure hundreds of thousands will still be playing Halo Reach and COD: Black Ops.

ingiomar2779d ago

Im not going to buy this the game looks great but the gameplay seems... Mehh

Reibooi2779d ago

I think it has a chance. They need to market it right. While it's game play is somewhat unique it's nothing super special but what has me interested is the cheesy humor. The game play demo's they showed at Gamescom and E3 had me laughing a few times just from the one liners.

Being a fan of Steve Blum(who plays the main character) I will be picking up a copy just to hear him in the game.

EliteAssass1n2779d ago

i was actually annoyed by the one-liners. I'll probably give it a rental first, then decide if it's worth the purchase.

mcstorm2779d ago

Ya I agree this game line of reminds me of time splinters on the gc I'm looking forward to this game but it has a lot to deal with in terms of fps.

albel_nox2779d ago

I didn't know Steve Blum voiced the main character. Thats an automatic +1 for Bulletstorm.

poopface12779d ago

EA is retarded.

I mean its possible, its a multiplat, but looks kind average and there are alot of FPS already. And FPS are my favorite type of games.

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MaxOpower2779d ago

Then they'll get disappointed...

Kalowest2779d ago

Not that many people care about BS, the same way they care about GeoW. It might sell less.

kingjoker342779d ago

I dont know why I just dont like the art direction and the style of the game. So im gonna pass, it just looks to gritty..i dont know how to really explain it.

gcolley2779d ago

nobody cared about gears before it was released

gauntletpython2779d ago

All it really has going for it is the multiplatform benefit. I honestly can't see it doing that well - maybe like Dante's Inferno, Dead Space or Bioshock 2 levels but its gonna have trouble pushing more than 1.5 mill, IMO.

Seijoru2779d ago

It will sell more considering it is multiplatform.

Kalowest2779d ago

A lot of multiplatform games haven't sold well.

Bnet3432779d ago

Even multiplatform, I doubt the game will sell as much as Gears. You never know though ...

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The story is too old to be commented.