Sonic Colors Multiplayer Hands-On Preview [Dealspwn]

Dealspwn's Jonathan Lester writes: "I was able to get to grips with the dedicated multiplayer experience alongside a SEGA QA rep. Rather than a tacked-on little diversion or a wasted opportunity, it’s an entire dedicated campaign that takes place entirely in 2.5D. Known as the ‘Sonic Sim,’ this feature is technically canonical: taking place in a tenuous subplot that runs alongside the main game storyline. Dr Robotnik’s created a simulator to test a new line of robots…or something… and the prototype Sonic Dolls have to jump, dash and homing dash their way to the enormous ring at the end of increasingly tricky stages."

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darkcharizard2743d ago

This will be the best sonic game ever! Hopefully it gets 90+ on metacritic

ReBurn2743d ago

I just hope it's a good game. Sega dropped the ball on pretty much everything Sonic a long time ago.

ChickeyCantor2743d ago

But sonic 4 is for the hardcore!

Looks awesome.

Venox20082743d ago

if the game is good it's don't matter if it's for kids or not.. some say that Beyond good & evil is for kids.. :)