Exclusive Betas Incoming For PlayStation Plus; But You Might Not Get Any

One of the most enticing features of Sony’s premium PlayStation Network service, PlayStation Plus, was the promise of exclusive betas for subscribers.

However, surprisingly, not all PlayStation Plus subscribers will be eligible for some of the upcoming betas.

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PS3ROCKS2893d ago ShowReplies(4)
SeanRL2893d ago

If you're paying 50$ a year you should have access to every beta.

SasanovaS19872893d ago

great idea, lets have 2 million people in a single beta of a game...arnt you smart

T9X692893d ago

They shouldn't advertise "Exclusive Beta Access" and not give it to everyone. If 2 million people meet the requirements for the beta, why should only a select few get in, especially when its a paid service. If it was free, I could understand. This is the only reason I wanted PS+, but I'm not going to pay $50 a year for exclusive chance to get in exclusive betas.

Godmars2902893d ago

Where'd you hear there were 2 million PS+ subscribers?
How are people talking any level of crap, that its not making money if not worth the price, if that's true?

GaMe012893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

This is Psn not xbox live more like
2,000 people

plenty a tool2893d ago

and the mindless drones that agreed with you. jump off of a sony execs nutsack for a minute and stfu!

how can a major selling point for a service not be available for everyone?????

i can ubderstand if they roll out a beta region by region a few days apart, but to make it available only to certain members is a disgrace!

i dont have psn+ and dont need it all the time the on-line is free, but i would be disappointed if i was an excluded subscriber

Babypuncher2893d ago


"exclusive beta access" doesn't mean "Exclusive beta access for all members to each and every beta" and if that's the only reason you would pay for PSN+, then you are a fool.

HSx92893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

This is why I am not renewing my PSN plus subscription.

Shitty free games, discounts for things i dont need, never get in a beta either though I play 24/7, I find many exploits in games, thanks to me MW2 for PS3 got hacked within 3 days

dragon822893d ago

He was being sarcastic because Psfan999's comment was just plain stupid you worthless troll. Maybe you should jump of a Microsoft execs nutsack for a minute and STFU!!!!!

DarkTower8052893d ago

Some people tend to think a beta is for the entertainment of the beta tester. Ultimately it is, but the immediate purpose of a beta is for server load testing, bugs, glitches, etc.

Once a dev has the number of testers it needs, that's it.

Halochampian2893d ago

Halo Reach had that many of players for its beta in the first day.

More people testing= better output.

AliTheBrit192892d ago

I think you mean Aren't


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Trexman892893d ago

Yea there is no reason to purposefully exclude some psn+ members, unless the beta is US only or UK only or something like that.

zeddy2893d ago

if there arent enough betas to go around they should be randomly dispersed to people who have psplus, were all paying the same price here.

fooltheman2892d ago

you need to be older than 18...^^

Capdastaro2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )


Halo Reach Beta had over 2.5 million people so why not?

It's a bit of a bugger for the people with PSN+ to get told oh no sorry you ain't in this one, nor that one.

mushroomwig2893d ago

That's tough luck, if a certain company tells Sony that they only need a certain amount of people to take part then what are they supposed to do?

FrankieADZ2893d ago

So every beta Sony do then?

Err....just cos ppl have paid $50...well no, its upto Sony and the Developers who release the beta's whether or not they want to release a beta to the wide public.

Some times developers want a Closed Beta where there aren't gonna be any leaked information for ppl taking part, thats why in the EU Sony use there Beta testers.

Altho I can see why ppl are moaning, SOny needed to say what type of beta PSN+ users would get

vhero2893d ago

If the old BETA testers still get in without PS Plus I will be extremely p*ss*d with Sony for this. Otherwise I will be midly annoyed. BETAs should now be exclusive to PLUS members as part of the package.

FrankieADZ2893d ago

Vhero, Sony won't release certain Beta's to PSN+ because of certain issues. mainly because of NDA that have to be agreed between the user and Sony.

So just cos ur paid $50 for PSN+ WON'T get you into every Beta going.

As I've said before PSN+ user more than likely WONT get closed beta's because of the NDA agreement and such like.

So please try to understand that when beta's come out unless you've been told by Sony on there blogs that a beta is on the way to PSN+er's don't expect anything.

fooltheman2892d ago

beta testers were selected...
it's hard work...
It's not like you get acces to an early demo

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Lifewish2893d ago

i payed for the service because of the promise of betas so i better be one of those getting access..

TheLastGuardian2893d ago

Sony made a promise they probably can't keep.

Trexman892893d ago

I got psn+ day one, I better get all the betas!

despair2893d ago

they promised the chance to get into the betas, I mean the numbers are limited so not everyone can get into every beta.

FragMnTagM2893d ago

One of the reasons I got PSN+ was the EXLCUSIVE access to betas. Nowhere did I read that it said you have to pay us and then maybe just maybe, you might, somehow get in the beta. It said EXCLUSIVE access to betas for + subscribers.

tyrex2893d ago

still might be a limited number depending on how they have their servers set up and depending on how focused they want the test group. remember in a beta you preferably want people that are actually testing the game and give feed back, its not just a demo

despair2893d ago

Plus don't forget its the developers who set the beta parameters, remember a beta is about getting constructive criticism to improve a game for final release not just for you to get early access to a part of a game.

Its childish and bratty to think that since you can get access to betas because of plus(which I am part of) you should get in no matter what without taking into consideration the limited space(100-200k I'm guessing) compared to the subscribers list which can number in the millions.

FragMnTagM2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

as that is one of the reasons why I love to participate in betas. Gaming is one of my favorite things to do. Being able to give feedback and data to help the game be the best it can be is why I would sign up for a beta in the first place. Doing it just to play the game early and post a video on Youtube to look cool is something I would not do as I would like to get into more betas down the road and would not like to get banned.

If I were developing a game, I think that the more feedback I got would be better. I know there are a lot of tards out there that would just leave rude comments or whatever nonsense. But a game developer could have a few sections for reporting bugs or problems. Like an in-game browser that goes to a website only for the beta testing and have something like the following:

Example: Nature of Problem
1. Bug (texture glitch, clipping, freezing, crashing)
2. Exploit (Unfair circumstance of game code)
3. And so on

If I really wanted to make sure my game was the best it could be as well as help stop some piracy, I would hire some of the best hackers around.

despair2893d ago

yea that's how it is, for me the first beta I wanted to really be in was the Modnation beta, that one I wanted to just get access to some of the game early, but when you go into the forums and see how the community responds to the testing as well as the feedback, it makes you want to do what you can to improve the game.

Interestingly enough they provided a blank form with the format for feedback that made it easy to report on how the game played, and equally as interesting was that I didn't see the rude idiots who normally act like jackasses on the forums, either it was a good group or they have good moderators.

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