OFFICIAL: Bungie Reveals Company They Would Work With On A New Game HHGS 9/12/10

1. The Joker Receiving His Own Game After Arkham City Is Very Likely
2. Shank Review: 10/10
3. Special Guests - Adam Sessler, Bungie Games, Guerilla Games.
4. This Is Halo Song Behind The Scenes Studio Session

This is the pax edition of the HipHopGamerShow easily the best coverage on the net stay tuned and enjoy the show

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user94220772893d ago

HHG: It's Guerrilla Games not Guerilla with the one "r" as you have done.

Do you actually ever ponder why people think you're a bad journalist?

Natsu X FairyTail2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Well it'S not that big of a mistake. Cmon now.

edit: Why are you so pissed off ? take a breath of fresh hair and calm down. It's not even that serious.

I dont understand why you're making a big Fuss out of 1 ''R''

user94220772893d ago

So? If he's going to make inaccurate flamebait titles, the least HHG could do is get a well known developer name correct.

deadreckoning6662893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Actually is a BIG mistake. I'm a fan of HHG myself and I think HHG should be able to spell the name of the developer he has been vigorously promoting since KZ2.

@HHG- Congrats for your success in this industry and thanks for what I have no doubt will be the best PAX coverage on the net. The amount of popularity you've gained in these past two years never ceases to amaze me. Can't wait to see where you are in the next 12 months.

@Disagrees- Get lives people. Love him or hate him, HHG has become the most popular video game journalist on the net...and the fact that he did it in such a short time span is an incredible accomplishment. YES, he makes gramatical errors. YES, he overhypes games. YES, he scores games too high. However, the PASSION(the emotion that 80% of N4G devote to hating) HHG has for the gaming industry is the reason why 9.999999% of the people on the site will NEVER be as popular as he is in this industry.

Spydr072893d ago

And if you're going to be a pompous @$$ about something, you should take your own advice when correcting people.

"developer name"
"developer's name"


Show me a journalist who doesn't make typos. Show me an author who doesn't do the same. Get over yourself. Authors write for a living and still hire editors to correct their mistakes. He's a journalist, not an English major (obviously).

Seferoth752893d ago

HHG is popular among idiots and fanboys. Nothing more. To call him the most popular is absurd. He doesnt exist beyond N4G and the droves of bottom feeders that eat the BS he spouts up.

Being a Sony fanboy is why he is popular, not because he actually does any journalism. HHG wouldnt be so big to Sony fans if you guys didnt need to be reassured on a weekly basis you made the right choice.

PoorMansGT2893d ago

@seferothso if he was a 360 fanboy you would be on his balls. not hard to tell if you made a right choice,buying a console that is guaranteed to break or a reliable one.

Red_Orange_Juice2893d ago

I smell "I'm first time on plane" video lol

N4g_null2891d ago

Lol katsack I think he doesn't own a xbox. In fact I'm pretty sure he has a wii.

This gen has been such a mess. I think we need more kiddy games so that we can weed out the men Childs.

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NJShadow2893d ago

I don't know if I can read through a HHG post without there being ridiculous and blatant grammatical errors. Perhaps people would respect him more if he would at least pretend that he passed the 5th grade. I've seen his interviews, and 9 times out of 10 the interviewee looks annoyed beyond all belief.

TheLastGuardian2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Hip Hop Gamer is entertaining you can't deny that but his review scores are always too high. Others have given Shank a 6.

byeGollum2893d ago

opinion based. He feels its a 10, other feel its a 6... you might think its a 2 .. its doesnt mean anythin ...

TheLastGuardian2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I'm just saying, sometimes he likes games too much and makes them out to be better than they really are. He even spoiled part of the game during the review.

Bobbykotickrulesz2893d ago

Ehh, yeah they're opinion based but, when a game is good almost everyone else should agree it's good. When it's bad the same story applies.

Those odd sites that gave UC2 a 7 or Halo Reach a 7 basically just have shitty taste in games.

CaptainMarvelQ82893d ago ShowReplies(3)
Persistantthug2893d ago

But lets not make something small into a 'BIG' deal.

At anyrate....Good show, and as always, good interviews.

freezola752893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

it was a bad joke crap??? You basically tried to insult an entire ethnic group and chalk it up to a bad joke?? I don't need you to honor me, it won't change you or all of your borderline racist pal's perception of others. I'll calm down when you stop with the cheesy hoity toity "prejudice humor"...

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SuperTiger2893d ago

Another great show!
How do you know so many people in the gaming industry? lucky you!

sdtarm2893d ago

You actually like this BS, idk u but i think is so damn annoying, their reviews are 10 to decent games and 9 to mediocre games, they only keep talking S*** and any nonsense that they make devs say they take it as official and start spreading it all around,

U guys remember the BS of Mario going to PS3??? BS go away HHG

user94220772893d ago

You guys remember HHG saying Naughty Dog going multi-platform? Little did HHG know that Naughty Dog are Sony-owned so it would be IMPOSSIBLE for them to turn multi-plat.


NJShadow2893d ago

Yep, he sucks up to one brand... until it's time to suck up to the next. He's like Ditto in Pokemon, he conforms to each type of fanboy out there, which only makes matters worse...

original seed2893d ago

Its not impossible. Not like but still possible. The reason why I say this is because Bungie was once OWNED by Microsoft. Yet, they were released/paid to be independent. Now Bungie is developing games across all platforms.

NJShadow2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

I actually REALLY liked Shank, but anybody with a brain stem knows it's not a 10/10.

Hands Up For Games2893d ago

It would restore my faith in this site if this didnt get approved.

Just like any other week though I havent clicked the link to see what crap he's talking about now.

richierich2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

Didnt HHG say a few months ago that Gears3 was going to be released on Xbox720 (I know its kinda off topic but he was wrong)

frankymv2893d ago

He said Halo 4 would launch on the 720.

Erotic Sheep2893d ago

Which could be correct considering Halo:Reach is not Halo 4.

CaptainMarvelQ82893d ago

wants some hits for his site
he doesn't care if what he says is right or wrong

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