The Mass Effect 2 Stats We Actually Want to See

KoKuGamer: About a week ago, Bioware divulged a few details of the data they had anonymously collected on Mass Effect 2 gamers, in terms of how people went about playing the title.

It’s a neat idea. If you can get over the notion that Big Brother might be watching you, then this method allows the developer to get some interesting and valuable feedback that will likely prove important in deciding which features worked, and which were not so successful. That way, we can have a great deal of confidence that Mass Effect 3 will improve on its predecessors.

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Kalowest2779d ago

Make ME3 more like a RPG and less like a TPS.

T9X692779d ago

As long as the keep the improved gameplay that is in ME2, but have the RPG elements of ME1, that would be amazing. I found it hard to play ME1 sometimes just because of how much smoother ME2 gameplay is.

gamingisnotacrime2779d ago

ME1 had a better RPG feeling, make ME 3 at least on that RPG level

Weaksauce11382779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Amazing games no matter what you label them. Aslong as 3 is fantastic and fun, im on board with whatever direction they take.

I am hoping that the simplification of 2 was to broaden appeal and open to a wider audience. That didnt happen and hopefully 3 will be a fan service and return more to the roots. We will see.

gamingisnotacrime2779d ago

is a better gaming experience. The ME universe is awesome, it needs to be exploited. ME3 should be FF7 style, just free roaming on a sweet universe!

QuantumSponge2779d ago

Yes, let's bring back the broken inventory management, redundant character skills and Mako mountaineering of the original. Because that's what RPGs are all about.

I swear, the people who whine about ME2 being less of an RPG than the original have given no real thought to this matter, beyond looking at the squad menu and seeing that it looks a bit emptier, sort of like claiming that a boeing 747 is a dumbed down version of a triplane because it doesn't have three wings.

Gun skill points: removed to allow Bioware to smooth out the feel of combat. A fair trade, since the combat in the original game was a bit rubbish.

Spending points on Paragon / Renegade skills: A bit redundant, since you have no real option but to do so, if you want to advance as either one of those bars (which again, you rather have to if you want to be able to influence people properly).

Other skills: Yeah, Bioware's cuts might have been a little extreme, but as a trade-off, it feels like each skill upgrade actually makes a difference. In the original, the gradations between most skill points were just filler between the major skill unlocks.

As for the Mako, good riddance. Not that the vehicle itself was all that bad, but the terrain you have to drive through... good god. If I see one more cone-shaped mountain, I'll likely throw myself out the nearest window.

About the one thing that irks me about the changes between ME1 and 2 is that biotics have been nerfed. But then again, I suppose they were kinda overpowered in the original. I mean, you could kill Benezia with a single shot of (fully powered) Lift. But I digress..

Other than that, what has changed? The interaction with other characters and exploration of the game's world remains just as rich as it did in the original (better, actually, since Bioware finally got things like interrupts working). The only major difference is that the areas that are explicitly "combat zones" get cut off after you've rolled through them.

But let me ask you this: How many of you made regular trips back to Feros or Noveria when you were done with them? Hardly any of you, I'll wager. But it's nice to know that you can, even if you have no reason to do so, right? So, having the ability to revisit a completed area at any time you wish makes it more "RPG-like", I guess.

CountDracula2779d ago

This game was overrated. (And I passed both of them)

It just gets boring after a while; the monotony of it all.

omi25p2779d ago

my favorite series this generation, maybe my favorite series of all time.

gamingisnotacrime2779d ago

what are you comparing ME series with?

omi25p2778d ago

gamingisnotacrime, im not comparing it to any other series, only series i like nearly as much as mass effect is the splinter cell series ( excluding conviction )

CobraKai2779d ago

It got me to click though. Too bad Miranda isn't as hot as her real life and CGI counterpart.

Dsnyder2779d ago

She is only hot from the neck down lol.

Ziriux2779d ago

You sir are blind, on Chuck she's gorgeous.

CobraKai2778d ago

Did you notice that both Miranda and Kal'Reegar are on that show?

Dsnyder2779d ago

If big man chins are your thing then I cant argue with you. Her face is a mess though. But like I said, everything else is fine.

2779d ago