Editorial: If Game Is Ready, Why Not Sell It?

Jeff Rubinstein of the Orlando Sentinel has a radical idea, while musing on the minor controversy of stores selling BioShock a week early. If the game is ready, why not sell it?

If a video game is complete and ready to go, shouldn't gamers be able to play it? The whole idea of "street dates" was thrown into disarray last Tuesday, as certain stores began to selling the highly anticipated game BioShock a week early. The news quickly spread via Digg.

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xbox360elitegamer4014d ago

I agree with the article, if the game is ready they should release it so people can buy it, so people don't have to wait long.

crck4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

Its to make sure all retailers have them in stock at the same time. It wouldn't be fair and I'm sure companies would hear plenty of complaints if store chain A routinely got their stock first before store chain B. A big Duh... goes to the writer.

PS360PCROCKS4014d ago

Yep. You're dead on. Although I wish I could get it now rather than later.

Seraphim4014d ago

Even with a firm street date NOT ALL retailers have games in stock on release day. Where I live all to often games aren't on shelves until Wed-Fri of that week. And in the case of smaller published titles like those of NIS, Atlus, and even some Capcom, Konami, etc games it takes even longer than that to get them on retail shelves often.

In general I think the distribution process and street dates for gaming is already broken enough. So why not ship the game for release whenever it actually reaches retailers? If the games ready and there they might as well put it on retail shelves and sell it...

Nicosia4014d ago

One thing that they should keep it on the original date is that THEY NEED TO PROMOTE THE HECK OUT OF IT.

Waffle-boy4014d ago (Edited 4014d ago )

...true. They need to create hype and want for it. If people are already playing that gets harder, in a way... I guess... :p

ElementX4014d ago

Retailers have ads printed in advance, along with in-store displays which state a specific release date.

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