Halo: A Guide To Not Sucking in Multiplayer

The past Halo games have always contained 2 tiers of gamers in its multiplayer; the casual who play it for fun with a group of close friends and the people who take the game ungodly seriously, screaming at the top of their lungs every time they’re killed claiming the game is working against them.

And apparently, according to both fellow staff members and people from the community, I fall into the second category, minus the screaming voice of a ten year old. Well, here you go, my top 5 rules to follow to not get utterly wrecked the moment you enter Halo Reach

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T9X692625d ago

Those reason are pretty much the reasons how not to suck in any online shooter.

BrianG2625d ago

Agreed, I think this implies something haha.

Nah, but not a bad article.

Why o why2625d ago

but im sucking at this one at the moment. Im sure ill get used to it if i give it the time

rwarner1742625d ago ShowReplies(1)
Chnswdchldrn2625d ago

i love unloading a whole clip of DMR into a guy just to have him escape while im reloading, the kill taken by a teammate, or him grenadeing me

the gameplay of this game is shit im sorry but it really is

the guns feel weak as shit because you keep shooting and shooting and they always get away

especially the piece of shit default assault rifle ive never used a weaker gun in a videogame in my life

crap game

tdrules2625d ago

if only they'd brought out a weapon pick up system eh.
go back to BC2 and guns that kill in two bullets kthx

jdktech20102625d ago (Edited 2625d ago )

wow, a whole clip of DMR and you still can't kill the must suck at this game. I kill people in 5 shots with the DMR.....i've got another 5 left over to kill someone else if I want to

That's embarrassing dude....I wouldn't play this game either if I was that bad at it

blodulv2625d ago

No. What sucks is that you could have a perfectly lined up headshot, and unless you're using the sniper rifle, it means jack shit.

iceman29292625d ago

Because no matter what a shot to head should instantly kill someone. Even if they are wearing super advanced full body armour and have shields.

The BS Police2625d ago

Focus your shots and don't spam the trigger with the DMR, next up aim for 4 body shots to take out his shields and then finish him off with one headshot.

If that doesn't work take out his shields with other means like a grenade or a charged up Plasma Pistol shot.

palaeomerus2625d ago

There's a timing to shooting the DMR properly (or at least there was during the beta). Fire it too fast and it jerks spoiling your aim. Fire ti too slow and you won't get shots into the target fast enough to overwhelm his shield. Use at too extreme of a range and it doesn't do much. Use it at too close of a range and it underperforms compared to the pistol. Try to mainly use it for head shots while in motion at medium range and try learn the optimal firing rate with the muscles in your trigger finger so you don't have to think about it.

Fanb0y2625d ago

There's no weapon kickback anymore - just bloom.

sulphury2625d ago

if your not good at halo guess wat??
cod skills are non-existent
so dont start with "im good at mw or bfbc2'"
no skill involved when it takes 3 shots in the ankle to kill someone!

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TheDeadMetalhead2625d ago

Don't try to melee the guy with the giant Beam Sword. Seriously, some people do that.

palaeomerus2625d ago

If you can get an angle on his back and he's distracted...go for it. Otherwise you'd better be really lucky.

Fanb0y2625d ago

Pro tip - your regular melee can deflect a sword lunge with perfect timing.

Try it.

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