Under Siege will sell 200K in 2 months

Speaking to "Expresso Magazine", Filipe Pina, Seed Studios's founder and Under Siege producer, says that the following RTS Move compatible game from Seed Studios will generate profit after 2 months available on PlayStation Store, selling more than 200k copies.

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comp_ali2896d ago

I don't get the idea of controlling RTS via Move, I think RTS are too complicated unless this is a fumped down RTS where you just point and click.

despair2896d ago

its not a true RTS in the fact that you generate income and build units from a base, from what I've read they said its more of controlling an army and gaining resources and new units as you explore and fight on the map. It looks really interesting and definitely something I'm looking forward to.

comp_ali2896d ago

this way it could work, but RTS I mean wher you build base, recruite soldiers, and all the stuff. It is just easier with a mouse.

RUSE worked a bit too because it isn't the traditional RTS we know , it is more streamlined to suite consoles control.

And as usual I get disagrees because I argue by logic , if I said some sill fanboyism stuff I would get agrees.

Heartnet2896d ago

I disagreed with you becus u so obviously wanted some1 to :)

despair2896d ago

Yea I see what you're saying for me take a game like Starcraft 2, as a PC RTS its almost flawless in controls and gameplay, but if you tried to implement Move controls for a console release it would see a lot of problems, I mean its not just emulating the Move as a mouse, which could work, but micromanaging, scrolling the map, grouping units and many other things that require the unique combination of both mouse and keyboard could not be done.

But RTS games tailored for the Move controller that not just tries to mimic a mouse would work very well, of course how to implement that is something developers will have to figure out.

SeanRL2896d ago

What is so hard about mouse and keyboard support?

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callahan092896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

How exactly could Move be any worse for controlling an RTS than a standard console controller? It surely must be better, considering you can easily do pointing, cursor-dragging for multiselection, etc. I imagine it feels not unlike playing with a mouse but without quite so much speed.

Anyway this game is day one for me, been looking forward to it for over a year.

morganfell2896d ago

I actually think it will give you more speed. And it will also make it easier to paint a route on the ground since the wand allows better free hand than a mouse - it's why we use Wacom tablets and pens for artwork.

The wand has the delicacy of a paintbrush or pen allowing you to more rapidly tap units, draw irregular grouping lines, or designate multiple waypoint routes rapidly.

ThanatosDMC2896d ago

I disagree. Mouse > Move for precision mainly because your hand is rested on a flat surface which will not allow for any shakes. We're also not holding Move like a pen. You hold it like a Wii mote.

morganfell2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Well Thanatos I played with the Move at GDC and I was sitting down with my wrist resting. This idea that you lack accuracy with the Move controller is being espoused by people that have yet to use it. Even standing it is extremely accurate. Take the Wii impressions and shelve them. This isn't the same thing. It is akin to using the pen on my Wacom. Way more freedom and yes, faster than a mouse.

You will eventually see. Move >>mouse for speed while maintaining precision. Not even the Connexions in the office have the same freedom.

JsonHenry2896d ago

I dunno about the game, but I can definitely see Move being a lot better of a control scheme than a typical gamepad.

rdgneoz32896d ago

Move is basically a mouse. You can use the depth part of set up to zoom in and out like with R.U.S.E.. You can point and click to move units, and the additional buttons let you open up menus for various things. Also, other game types are a bit more complicated on PCs when you have a lot more buttons to play around with compared to console controllers. They're not "fumped down" on consoles, they just simplify a few things. Though some games will suck overall and will not make it work on any system.

As for the game, can't wait for it to come out. The videos they've been showing look pretty sweet, and the fact that you can create maps to share will add a lot of re-playability to it.

jack_burt0n2896d ago

what the hell are you lot talking about!? play dawn of war 2 see how complicated that is, it aint at all.

this seems to be more like that than anything else I have seen there is no reason why this cant be really quick and work well with move. Take a while to get used to sure but should be good.

you could assign groups to directions on the dpad control scrolling with the analog and cursor with move.

ThanatosDMC2896d ago

This game looks terrible. They should've opted for something more traditional than this crap. Watch the gameplay vids. They're horrible.

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tiamat52896d ago

Here's hoping it sells well.It will just be another Move game to add to the list. It doesn't necessarily have to be as complicated as Starcraft 2 to be enjoyable like people seem to think.

HeroXIV2896d ago

I hope it does... I'll definitely be one of that 200K assuming it's price right.

ironman_942896d ago

The price "will be in the normal standards".
I assume 12dolares.

rdgneoz32896d ago

10 to 15, though with custom maps, the re-playability will be large and will justify 15 unlike some other games.

despair2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

custom cutscenes and maps that will come with this game is a big selling point to me, at least once the gameplay is solid.

JsonHenry2896d ago

I might get this game once a real "move" game comes out that is not casual and I have a reason to buy a move controller. Hopefully that is sooner rather than later.

TF_PtMaster2896d ago

200K is a nice number for a PSN title. The games looks good

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