Blizzard gets sued again

Blizzard Entertainment is well versed in legal action with yet another attempt to sue their organization. This time, a Chinese font supplier company, Beijing Founder Electronics Co Ltd has sued Blizzard due to the illegal exploitation of Founder's copyrighted fonts. The case is the latest in a series of lawsuits between Chinese and U.S companies.

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Mr VideoGames3990d ago

aren't these the Guys that make the Game TWO WORLDS coming out on on 21st?... i can't wait to get that Game but is it

iceice1233990d ago

Blizzard is WoW, Diablo and Starcraft and those vikings...that's really all.

Mr VideoGames3990d ago

OH YEEEAAAAAAH i just couldn't remember where i heard that name before

Greysturm3990d ago

But the fact that 3 of those franchises sell in the millions whenever a new title is released makes me wonder why you havent heard of them.

clownfacemcgee3989d ago

The U.S. Mint needs to just give Blizzard their own money mint.

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s8anicslayer3990d ago

its to easy to file a lawsuit these days

MK_Red3989d ago

They should be sued because they've stopped making Dioblao 3 and Warcraft 4, focusing on a single money maker knowns as WoW.

clownfacemcgee3989d ago

WoW is practically a license to print money. I know people who would give their left nut to play WoW. (females are out of luck there)