Resident Evil: Revelations graphical details, screenshot comparisons with/without effects

A number of graphical details have surfaced regarding RE: Revelations. Screen comparisons are also available for normal maps, HDR, depth of field, and more.

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MechaZain2842d ago

The 3DS's graphics continue to surprise me.

darkcharizard2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

They definitely look Dreamcast/PS2 level to me!

gypsygib2841d ago

This looks better than PS2 Dreamcast, more like PS2.4

FiftyFourPointTwo2841d ago

and they say the iPhone is the 3DS' biggest competitor. Yeah right.

RE: Revelations

If the iPhone can play these games then I'd consider it a competitor.

carlitoskaruuz2841d ago

Now they are trying so say playing little apps on an Ipod is considered gaming and is a hardcore competitor against the DS. Laaammeeeee

SpoonyRedMage2842d ago

Nice, I wonder if people will still insist that it was CG!?

3DS is badass.

Seijoru2842d ago

If they had scrapped the 3d it would have looked even better.

Tapey2841d ago

Wow, the 3DS will be a day one purchase for me. I just really hope that the handheld is eventually cracked like the original DS was so that I can use all my favourite emulators and homebrew too. No doubt the 3DS will be plenty powerful enough to run MAME, I'd love to play awesome stuff like this and also have access to my favourite MAME shooters on the go as well.

Certainly preferable to the PSP too considering you can close the lid and have the screens safely protected in your pocket. Despite the PSPs great lineup of games, it really puts me off using it when it's so fragile to take around with you.

nickjkl2841d ago

what do you do i kep my psp in my pocket for 3 years and it still doesnt have a scratch on the screen

miacosa2841d ago

What about what counts the gameplay converting dual analog stick controls on to a DS has been sub-par to say the least so far for shooter games. I would hold up on the high fives just yet until that feature is shown.

iPlayGamez2841d ago

Did you even read the article it ingame cutscene graphics not CG, and they havent even shown gameplay yet so why are you commenting on it?

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The story is too old to be commented.