Fanboys, Killzone 2 and the Fabric of the Universe

Like peering into the darkest recesses of the human mind, was both confounding and terrifying. Logic, reason and common sense abandoned in favor of cheap laughs, rational traded for casual profanity for it's own sake and seemingly normal gamers driven to such piteous depths of fanboyism by a single video.

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razer3985d ago

This is a Sony fanboys rant about how he feels the 360 fanboys are bashing on Killzone 2. Going on to say how he feels it looks better than Crysis, blah blah blah.. Basically doing the same crap he is complaining about..

DethWish3985d ago

I think the name of the contributor says others

ALI-G3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

but know the only think we hear from them is killzone 2 which is unproven franchise with sh1t A.I were enemies do not take cover, the first one also had great graphic but got really bad reviews. regarding the graphic of killzone 2 i will give you that but remmeber it is a game not a movie IF GRAPHIC WILL SAVE A GAME THAN THAT GAME WILL BE LAIR OR FOLK0RE


@BELOW:yes i did but i also seen people talk about PGR,FORZA,DEADRISING,BLUEDRAGO N,LOSTODDESY,SP;CONVECTION,ACEC OMBAT6,MASSEFFECT:BIOSHOCK:GEAR S:TOOHUMAN:HALOWARS however the hype been given to killzone was way over what it deserve.we saw new language were the whole sentence consist of killzone: killzone2killzone2killzone2kil lzone2

riqued3985d ago

Have you never seen anyone talking about Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet, Lair, Home, MGS or Warhawk?


Looks better than anything on the 360 and you know it.

Halo3603985d ago

Gears definitely still looks better and that's sad considering it's almost a year old.

DeadlyFire3985d ago

What a newb to the gaming world. Fanboyism just comes with the territory. Besides we all know DirectX 10 and 10.1 can out do what the console can do at least within the restrictions of DirectX 9 and Open GL 2.1 or whatever version of that Sony is using.

""I’m sure we’d all like to see more of Killzone 2, and my only hope is that we can retain some sense of rationality and impartiality when we do, regardless of which platform it’ll end up on.""

It will be on PS3....

Mr VideoGames3985d ago

that KILLZONE 2 will be the only Game on PS3 attempting to be a Killer APP,it better be good cause it's Sony's last Chance to get Buyers for the Playstation 3 if it sucks we'll then i believe that will be it for Sony...atleast for this Generation of Consle Wars

Ju3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

Sure we all are waiting for Killzone, and I believe it will be awesome. But, I think the fall lineup will sell the PS3 in 2007:

Heavenly Sword,
Hot shots Golf 5,
Ratchet & Clank,
Little Big Planet,
Uncharted: Drakes Fortune,
UT3, and
Eye of the Judgement,

as 2007 excusives, and

(Blazing Angels),
Tiger Woods 08,
Stuntman: Ignition,
Blazing Angels 2,
Sega Rally Revo,
Guitar Hero III,
Need for Speed Pro Street,
Blacksite Area 51,
Lego Starwars, the complete saga,
Mercenaries 2,
Turning Point (?)
Army of Two,
Assasins Creed,
Brother in Arms,
The Orange Box,
Quake Wars,

as some examples for 2007 multiplatform titles also available for PS3 will shorten the wait. (That list is not complete, sorry for what I missed out).

Nemesis3985d ago

If games of this quality are going to cost upwards of $40 million to develop for the PS3, they are certainly going to be few and far between. Most developers are unprepared, or simply not able to make that kind of investment.

I think it would have been better for Sony if Guerilla Games had kept the whole deferred rendering thing to themselves. While they obviously deserve credit for being the first to fully leverage this cutting-edge rendering technique, it could give the impression that the games graphical quality owes more to Guerilla's advanced development techniques than to the power of the PS3 hardware.

Got to give credit to Guerilla though, they are a very talented developer and quite generous too, being prepared to share their methods with the wider development community as they have. It should be interesting to see how games on other platforms compare when they too start to make use of deferred rendering.

RH063985d ago

rather be playing my PS3 than sending my xbox in every week!!!

Foliage3985d ago (Edited 3985d ago )

xbox360jimmy07 contributing something on "fanboyism", the irony of it all.

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