Halo: Reach Online Strategy Guide Launches with Legendary Walkthrough and More!

We are pleased to introduce to the public the release of our free strategy guide for Halo: Reach. This guide is overflowing with information and it will soon be (if it isn't already) the most comprehensive and helpful strategy guide for Halo: Reach available on the internet.

One of the main features of this guide are the Legendary Campaign Walkthroughs that have been created by AwesomeFaceGaming. The whole campaign is broken down into segments to help anyone in their journey through Reach on the highest difficulty setting.

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yarbie10002892d ago

Halo Reach = Epic Success

xxxAnubisxxx2892d ago

Nice guide. I bookmarked it for when I get stuck on the legendary campaign (which probably will be pretty soon lol)

yarbie10002892d ago

I didnt realize there were so many armor options

lostinplace2892d ago

Yeah there are a ton of customization options. Earning them all is going to take me FOREVER! I will enjoy every second of it lol.

JLesinski2892d ago

I was a little skeptical about the halo series after 3. Thought it was just going to go downhill in a brett favre esque "i don't know when to call it quits" moment. Reach has me excited though. Will for sure turn to this when I get stuck on the campaign. Great work guys.

AnthonyAccinell2892d ago

There are other guides out there with the information already up. has all the Data Pads as well. I will definitely be using battlestrats for the legendary walkthrough though... so freaking hard.

lostinplace2892d ago

We are currently making video walkthroughs for the data pads. Much more helpful than a written guide ;)

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