Another Smackdown vs Raw Collector's Edition

Bret Hart joins Randy Orton and The Undertaker in being honored with a WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2011 Collector's Edition

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cyborg2781d ago

get more lame than these? :|

Brixxer6002781d ago

The best there is , the best there was and the best there ever will be.

PandemicPrawn02781d ago

The Hitman was awesome.

As was his old tag partner Jimmy the Anvil.

evrfighter2781d ago

I stopped watching shortly after Nugget died.


It seemed he had just finally overcome that HUGE hurdle of jumping out of The Hitman's shadow only to end the way it did

CountDracula2781d ago

I stopped watching this stage play when I was like 12.

Just a bunch of muscular gay guys who can't get real acting roles.

N4BmpS2781d ago

Now you're just sexually immature, or sexually confused, either way that's your problem.

Cerv-Clash2780d ago

well stupid of you to follow it in the first place.Sexually insecure? You probably just turned 12 :))

2781d ago