How Halo Made Me Who I Am

It may seem odd that Cody would attribute Halo to making him who he is however it is essentially what Cody grew up with. The original was released on November 15th, 2001, and Cody was only about 11 years old when the game was released. He didn’t get a chance to play a lot of Halo: Combat Evolved before Halo 2 was released because Cody didn’t get a Xbox until 2003. However ever since he was 13 he has owned one Halo game or another and it has been there every step of the way as Cody went from being a teenager to an adult.

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EmotionalNinja2864d ago

That's also when I realized my mom knows how to use the wooden spoon like an energy sword. :/

aceofspades2864d ago

damn, looking at that pic i feel like a weakling

codyodiodi2864d ago

Looking at the pic I feel thankful I can give hugs. That guy can't give hugs, he'd pop his boobs.

codyodiodi2864d ago

Better than her using it like a gravity hammer :D