New Deus Ex : Human Revolution screenshots look strange

Gamersmint : We have a bunch of new Deus Ex : Human Revolution screenshots and they look sort of strange, for the better or for the worst, we can’t really decide though! They have a strange grainy feel to them which we are not too convinced about. Hopefully, it’s just for the consoles and the PC version won’t look similar as “grainy” and PC doesn’t really go well, do they?

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prongs1232810d ago

Hmmm...the grainy's not going to be a problem. The Cinematic Trailer and all reveals the game is gonna be dark and sexy :D.

TrailerParkSupervisr2810d ago

they look fine to me but then again, I have 37 year old eyes.

Ocelot5252810d ago

shouldn't you be playing bingo instead of videogames grandpa?

wdeath2810d ago

Things look more interesting than strange...Can't wait for the game!

BattleAxe2810d ago

I like how these guys are already dumping on the console version.......morons.

DJ2810d ago

There's like no difference between any version. They're all made to look the same. Once the next round of consoles is released, THEN the PC versions will jump up in quality.

DX11 graphics cards can do way more than what current consoles are capable of, but we'll have to wait 3 or 4 years to see it.

BattleAxe2810d ago

That might be true, but we still don't know what the hardware specs are going to be for the next console cycle.

Sprud2810d ago

It looks like too much compression of the images. That's all.

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The story is too old to be commented.