Does The Old Republic eliminate the need for KOTOR 3?

The Knights of the Old Republic games have delighted (and frustrated) both fans and non-fans of Star Wars. The first game set a new standard for RPGs, and for fans of the Star Wars saga it gave everyone a broader glimpse at the galaxy far, far away. The problem being KOTOR II's ending left so many of us disappointed and filled with unanswered questions. Questions many fans assumed would be answered in an inevitable KOTOR III.

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tdogchristy902867d ago

I didn't even play kotor 1 and 2 and I'm saying not to this one. From what I heard it was soo good that a third really should be made using the new engines.

coolbeans2867d ago

You really should try them. You can play them on either an xbox or 360.

coolbeans2867d ago

Putting a lid on an interesting story like KOTOR is needed. Even Bioware said TOR doesn't really eliminate the possibility of KOTOR 3.

DJKGBYF2867d ago (Edited 2867d ago )

It's not up to Bioware, it's up to LucasArts. There was already a KOTOR 3 in development before LucasArts canceled it. Sure I would love to see a KOTOR 3, BF 3, another Jedi Knight game, and another Empire at War, hopefully in the future. There is concept art from KOTOR 3 in a book called "Rogue Leaders: The Story of LucasArts."

siyrobbo2867d ago

i have no interest in mmo's, i would rather have a great single player experience

Darkfiber2867d ago

Maybe a year ago I would have said yes. Now that we've actually seen a lot of The Old Republic, I have to said most definitely no.

That being said, I also don't believe that every game needs a million sequels and the game is fine dying off the way it was (or, to be honest, it should have died after the first). But in no way does The Old Republic replace KOTOR. If anything, it eliminates the need for WoW, which in all honesty is more of an insult than a compliment.

Spinal2867d ago

It would have been nice to have seen an KOTOR 3, i loved the first one and almost completed the 2nd before my pc died an lost my save game.

That said, ToR i was happy with once announced and was hopnig they'd also release KOTOR 3 despite the MMO. TOR was top of my MMO list waiting for release, after WOW Cataclysm of course. But once I laid my eyes on Guild Wars 2 it completely blew away my interest in TOR. Now to me TOR can act as a filler til GW2 is released and Diablo 3.