3DS arriving in Japan this November

NE: "In a little over two weeks, we will know how much the 3DS will cost and when it'll go on sale in Japan. But until then, it's a given that we'll see different speculation about those two desired details. Today, there is a rumor going around that the upcoming handheld will hit Japanese retailers on November 20."

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Valay2865d ago

I sure as heck hope this is true. It'd be nice if Nintendo confirmed the North American release date on the 29th as well. I need to get the 3DS this year...It'll be too tough to wait.

goldensfree2865d ago

if its around 2 bills ill pick one up for sure

kissmeimgreek2865d ago

theyd NEVER make it cost more than a ps3 or 360. Selling consoles cheap has worked amazingly for them. Id say somewhere between 200 to 300.

jwk942865d ago

between 2 and 300 is still a lot though, look at the wii, it's cheaper

2865d ago
Natsu X FairyTail2865d ago


Nintendo will set japan Ablaze Right before christmas!

GuruStarr782865d ago

It would make perfect sense to release it before the holidays, especially here in the states too.....if not, I'm importing one.

jaredhart2865d ago

Dude...the sooner the better. Can't wait for the 3DS!

KillerPwned2865d ago

Hell yes i would put down all my games i would buy this year so i could get this its so worth it. Import or not ill buy one this year if its released.

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The story is too old to be commented.