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GameShard writes "a welcome addition to the Metroid series, and without doubt one of the best; some story decisions hold it back from being the shining diamond it should of been but that doesn't stop it being otherwise truly exemplary."

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Gr812743d ago

This is where I'd rate it myself. Not the sub par game many have made it out to be. Flaws absolutely, story and cut scene heavy? absolutely. And they should ax much of that the next go round. But the gameplay is ace. Very addictive.

Playing on hard mode now, this will be the mode used for speed runs.

EvilTwin2743d ago


Yeah, they're right about Sector Zero. What I wouldn't give to have that as DLC. But I don't think the game peaked 3/4 through (the boss fight with Nightmare was AWESOME, and I really enjoyed most of the bosses, to boot); I thought the best part was the epilogue. It was the most Metroid-y part of Other M, IMO.

I need to get back to the game, but there's too much football to watch today.

Gr812743d ago

Being alone on the bottleship at the epilogue was awesome. Yes today is football day lol.

Go GIANTS!...And which ever team you long as they don't play the Giants lol.

ChickeyCantor2743d ago

Even so, the troops were for the most part absent.
It was still going by its roots for most of the part.

Also have fun with ridley on hard mode.

pcz2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

fuck fighting ridley on hard for a laugh, even on normal difficulty that pterodactyl bastard kept killing me with just a millimeter of its life left!

Mahr2743d ago

"I thought the best part was the epilogue."

Man, the boss fight and subsequent sequence at the end of that was great.

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