BioShock PC won't run until August 21 without activation

When someone try to run legally bought PC version BioShock today (early), few days ahead of official release date, he get this error message "Bioshock is not available until August 21" (by the way, this is not case in X360 version, that one runs early without problems).

As you may already know from previous news, this is part of obligatory internet activation process on Take 2 authorization server, which serves as copy protection, similar as Half-Life 2 did on Steam.

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RioGrande4017d ago

I didn't know they could do that, that's crazy!

rbanke4017d ago

Not a problem now, untill a few years from now you look back on the old game bioshock and remember how you liked playing it. So you install it and OOPS you cant activate it anymore because theyve taken the server down. your game is now unplayable. The more consumers allow businesses to do this, the more you will be 'renting' your games (and other media) instead of buying.

ldysabella4017d ago

You bring up a very good point. I would personally like to know what guarantees consumers have that they won't be made to periodically repurchase games under these types of situations.

JsonHenry4017d ago

So disconnect your comp from the internet and then change the system clock. How hard is that?

Silvia0074017d ago

Shouldn't doubt the depth of someones stupidity. I seriously doubt it syncs with a server. If that is the case, those completely without internet connection would never be able to play the game. 100% it is going off the system clock.

Korosuke4017d ago

PC version needs online activation at first time, maybe need to dl a de-code patch or something like steam.
Anyway, its ironic, The 360 version pirates are spreading rapidly but PC version are not for now.

Caxtus7504017d ago

"by the way, this is not case in X360 version"

OMG! Is this taken from the National Geographic Magazine???