Incredible Alan Wake Limited Edition Deal You Can't Pass Up

Alan Wake has been one of the greatest games released on the Xbox 360, sure it took a while to develop, but its time in the oven payed off. While the game did not do as well in sales as it should have, the game is worth every penny at normal price. Today, Alan Wake Limited Edition is available for only $39.99.

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anthraxCZ2812d ago

alan wake deserves a lot better sales, it was one of this year's highlights

dirthurts2812d ago

I loved this game. Nothing out there is quite like it.
Amazing fog effects.

Acquiesce2812d ago

Not perfect by any means, but it was a riveting experience while it lasted. I wish there were more games like it coming out.

danielle0072812d ago

I was super looking forward to the game, and overall, I was disappointed. Alan Wake himself was dumb x 34098290, and there was nothing scary about the game at all, really. The story had some interesting parts, but it wasn't anything spectacular..

Dunno. I bought the game day 1 and was so excited.. I sold it back within a week.

ActionBastard2812d ago

I agree. NOTHING about the game was scary, but it was an interesting take on "the writer's story coming to life". It had fun parts (the flashbacks, back at the apartment, etc), but it was just an ok game. Completely forgettable imo.

Natsu X FairyTail2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

I'Ve checked your past comments and you seem like the honnest gamer and not biased. I dint disagree with your comment since it's a fair opinion piece. Althought I havent played the full game , From what I've tried the game seemed decent and fun. I do understand why you got rid of the game after a week because the game doesnt offer any real Replay value. The 1st batch of DLCs offers nothing really out of extraordinary and only ads 1-2 Hours max to the main campaign which fell short.

I'm pretty sure that REMEDY will learns from those errors and deliver a much better game if they are given the chance to make a Alan Wake sequel. Which could have More variety in the enemies and a less repetitive gameplay.

sarshelyam2812d ago

Honestly, some of that had to be attributed to the fact that it had been in development for so long, so naturally we assumed the production value would match the length in transit...that would be a gross underestimation.

I felt it was a flat experience, rather contrived and, as you pointed out, there really wasn't anything scary about the game. I suppose the "boss" characters were a bit unsettling but I would attribute that to AW's one saving grace, the sound design. They rely far too much on such a beautifully scored ambient soundtrack...the wind...the creaking of trees...the distant guttural moans, etc.

While I appreciate the quality of the sound, certainly that isn't why we play games...unless we're talking rhythm-based games.

I kept my copy for posterity, but I can't see myself jumping in for another play any time soon...if ever.

southernbanana2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

The game was marketed as a thriller not a horror game. A thriller relies on suspense and plot. Sorry you were expecting a horror game. It's a shame you sold it a week after you bought it, the game got better the farther you proceeded. In my opinion it is one of the best games released this year across all platforms. Everyone is entitled to their opinion though. :-)

danielle0072812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

I finished the game. Within a week. Sold it back.

But, I didn't just say I HATE ALAN WAKE BECAUSE THERE WERE NO SCARY PARTS. I said Alan Wake as a person was horribly stupid for many reasons - you can refer to my comment down below if you want to know why I feel he is mentally disabled (3.2.3) -, the combat was repetitive, the story really wasn't spectacular.

Plus, they went out of the way to make sure you were never scared. They made sure you knew WHENEVER someone was coming up behind you. Why actively make sure that no one is ever even startled? .. Why? Thrillers can have scary parts.

southernbanana2812d ago

Like I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. I personally loved the game. Yes it had its quirks, but it was still a great game. Judging by all the comments you have left about this game you must have really disliked it. I think everyone who hasn't given this game a try should do so. Judge the game for yourself, I thought it was great and would love to see an Alan Wake 2....

outrageous2811d ago

I really enjoyed Alan wake and had many great WTF moments while playing it and worth a bargain buy. Get it new and the first DLC is free and Remedy will also get a small part of it as well. Here are a couple of my favorite moments...

Lets meet Rusty...Feel free to freeze the screen and admire the incredible graphics...Earlier in the chapter, we meet Rusty during the day at the same location to get keys for the lodge. He was in the back helping his dog who got his leg trapped in a bear trap. Rusty seemed like a straight up guy making this moment even more memorable.

The combat revolved around light and using it to burn the darkness off the enemies and then using a pistol , shotgun, or rifle to do away with the this fan favorite moment...Watch for the lighting.

Of course a game is nothing without a decent story to keep you guessing and on your when Dr Hartman tries to tell AW he's dreaming it all...Hartman knows the truth. Later if you scavenge properly, AW finds a answering machine with Alice's ( AW's wife ) voice on it discussing Alan's memory problems with Mr Hartman. Alice's voice recording on the tape is the same as the one the kidnapper used...Hmmm...could Hartman have something to do with the kidnapping???

Of course there are more twists and turns in the story but I think you get the picture. Playing the game is the only way to try and figure it all out. The first DLC was also great but it didn't really explain the story and Remedy claims the next installment will due out in the fall.

Is AW Is it really good...yes. The game should of at least came with a co-op option and Firefight/beast mode. I think the sales would of been better than the 700,000 that AW has sold thus far.

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GuruStarr782812d ago

Soundtrack was the best gaming soundtrack ever in my opinion.

Bobby Kotex2812d ago

I feel like the game got too much backlash, I guess because it was really hyped. Some of the early gameplay was repetitive, but I felt really immersed in the story. The free DLC was a nice addition. One of my favorite 360 games this year.

squelchy152811d ago

*sigh* Does it really matter? Being HD or not doesn't determine how good a game is..

The ignorance of fanboys is baffling!

crzyjackbauer2811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

sub HD?
oh wait like most of PS3 games right?

Theoneneo812811d ago

I Stop at one of the greatest games on the 360 a few other games better than this snooze fest 1. Mass Effect 2. 2. Mass Effect Halo 3. 3 Gears of War

crzyjackbauer2811d ago

ah man i dont have money for this
all my money is for reach right now
loved Alan Wake
remedy never fails to impress me

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SkylineR2812d ago

I'm playing through it now and it's 1 of the best games I've played. Cool concept and the atmosphere in it is great too.

Jay-Tech2812d ago

Most 360 owners (80%-90%) love shooters more than something new and different. Prime Example Heavy Rain vs. Alan Wake you see Heavy Rain sold more not because more people own a PS3 it's because PS3 gamers are open to different styles of games, not the same boring bullshit like Sports Games and Shooters.

SkylineR2812d ago

Hence it pays to have BOTH consoles and not being a fanboy. All I can say is I loved Heavy Rain and I'm loving Alan Wake.

danielle0072812d ago

Heavy Rain was a good game that tried new-ish things, if you disregard Indigo Prophecy. But, even then, Heavy Rain was very unique, and the first play through is super unforgettable..

Alan Wake was mediocre at best.

GuruStarr782812d ago

I disagree, Alan wake was above mediocre. There were a few parts that kinda sucked, like running out of breath after 8 steps.

Did you finish Indigo Prophecy? I got to the part where the black guy has to lift weights and found it too much of a pain in the a$$ to alternate between the L and R buttons....I gave up on it, and it got lost in the mix of all the other games I've been playing, but I want to go back to it someday......

My only gripe with heavy rain was the GAPING plot holes.

sarshelyam2812d ago

Alan Wake's primary problem is that it doesn't do a good job of setting itself apart from the rest of games within its genre. Resident Evil used to hold the survival horror torch, then it seemed to have passed on to Silent Hill for the excellent use of ambient sound and atmospheric uncertainty. Alan Wake, well, borrows a bit of all that and never really stands on its own to create a unique experience.

danielle0072812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

I finished Indigo Prophecy. The game is a little tedious, but worth playing. They screwed up the endgame though..

But, Alan Wake was the stupidest main character I've seen in a while. He didn't realize that the groupie chick that was in love with him was possessed? He decided to party it up in that house when both the FBI AND the Taken were trying super hard to get him? Also, like you said, he can't run for more than a few steps before being out of breath. BUT he can do these huge ridiculous dodges that obviously take a lot of energy?

Plus, at least 80% of the game was you running around in the forest doing repetitive combat ... There were no scary parts, and only a couple times was I even like "Oh, snap!" Idk. It is the only game in a long while that I actually regret buying.

jetlian2811d ago

must be a troll heavy rain was like the old pc games. It was a point and click adventure.

And your way off base with alan wakes characters. The girl wasn't fully possessed at the start.He was there to party it up either. And he can run for more than a few steps. Now if you stop then go then stop he hasn't fully gained his breath. And whats these major energy things you claiming?

When was this a horror game? lol you don't know what your talking about

danielle0072811d ago (Edited 2811d ago )

Alan drank the coffee that the possessed chick gave him, no questions asked. Even though she was basically wearing a shirt that said "I'M POSSESSED. !!"

And no, he didn't go there to party it up. But he did. He drank with his side kick in that house and got trashed. And then got caught by the FBI because of it.

And no, he can only run for a very short distance. But when the random farm equipment / barrels start zooming towards you he can randomly do these HUGE dodges that obviously take a lot of energy to do.

And since when does thriller mean nothing should ever be scary? I should be THRILLED / EXCITED / SURPRISED. or something. There doesn't need to be an alarm that says "HEY. DON'T BE STARTLED, FRIEND. THERE'S SOMEONE SNEAKIN UP ON YOUU." as in the slow motion zoom on the Taken sneaking up on you.

and I'm not a troll. Sure, I hate Alan Wake, but I have legit reasons. I wanted to like the game so badly, especially since I paid my $60 for it, and trade in values are terribad.. Sigh. You sound more like a troll than I do. Your points make no sense, like you never played the game. Heavy Rain's first playthrough is epic. It's undeniable, really. The gameplay was a little clunky, but the story was so ridic / pretty awesome and I don't think I've ever been that immersed in a game before. I felt like I was Ethan..

jetlian2811d ago

drinking coffee isn't partying and drinking in what seemed like a safehouse is fine. Seems like something most people under such pressure would do. Also he has to sleep at some point so he was bound to get caught. he runs fine when fully rested. He isn't some super soldier anyway

but i was wondering about these events where he was super soldier like you claimed. Heavy rain isn't even a game. its point and click.

check the GT if i didn't play the game!! i own the le too

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mrcash2812d ago

Yeah I think Alan wake would have sold much better on ps3, the game is really great, the story is on the same level as Heavy Rain.

crzyjackbauer2811d ago

both games had weak endings
but great games

iistuii2812d ago

Don't you have sports games and shooters on your ps3 ?

Jay-Tech2812d ago (Edited 2812d ago )

but i don't buy Shooters all the time like 360 owners that ignore good games without guns.

I own these games:

Demon Souls, Trinity Universe, Folklore, 3d Dot Game Heroes, Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Chronicles, Little Big Planet, Heavy Rain, ModNation Racers, God of War 3,MAG, Socom (PS3), KillZone 2, Resistance 2, Uncharted 2, MotorStorm Pacific Rift, BFBC2, Dead Space, RDR, Transformers War For Cybertron, SSF4, Tekken 6, Saint's Row 2, Spider-Man Web Of Shadows, Sonic'Ultimate Genesis Collection, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2, Sonic Unleashed & Sonice The Hedge Hog

jetlian2811d ago

drinking coffee isn't partying and drinking in what seemed like a safehouse is fine. Seems like something most people under such pressure would do. Also he has to sleep at some point so he was bound to get caught. he runs fine when fully rested. He isn't some super soldier anyway

but i was wondering about these events where he was super soldier like you claimed. Heavy rain isn't even a game. its point and click.

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Beatboxtaun2812d ago

Awwww, man, that's how much I bought my original copy for. I love it. Thanks for sharing!

Firebird3602812d ago

I wonder if this game will ever be released on PS3. it's such a great game, everyone needs a chance to play it.

SkylineR2812d ago

It's published by Microsoft, so I don't think it can go multi.

jetlian2811d ago

on the contract and they would have to change some stuff.

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