God Of War: Ghost of Sparta ‘Sex Mini-Game’ Detailed

Sex mini-games have certainly become a trademark in God of War games, with each title offering players the opportunity to interact with topless females. God of War: Ghost of Sparta will continue this tradition...

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doctorstrange2623d ago

It wouldnt be GOW without it

Lifewish2623d ago

you know your right, it just would not seem right

TheLastGuardian2623d ago

Just like with God Of War 3, I'm gonna hold off on these articles and let the sex mini game be a surprise. This is going to be the best handheld game ever.

RageAgainstTheMShine2623d ago

Let the horny toads hoard this game!!!

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PSboy2623d ago

How long until this hits 1000?

Malice-Flare2623d ago

quite disturbing yet equally sensual and definitely hilarious...

SkylineR2623d ago

I loved this mini game in GoW3. :p I posted the uncensored clip to youtube and it stayed up for a few weeks until it got flagged. >:(

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The story is too old to be commented.