Why do we call it The Video Game Industry?

Cyberpunks not Dead writes: I was reading an article on Farmville creators Zynga in SF Weekly, and came across this odd little paragraph:

At a time when traditional “console” videogames — the kind bought in a store and played on a computer or entertainment system such as a Sony PlayStation — aspire to be classified as works of art, it might seem odd that such confections as FarmVille enjoy widespread attention and financial success. In 2007, for example, publisher 2K Games released a spellbinding console game, Bioshock, in which players make difficult ethical decisions in an underwater city-state founded on the libertarian ideals of Ayn Rand.

Now, I could snark all day about the “difficult ethical decision” of whether or not to kill children, but what’s really more curious to me is the idea, which I seem to come across time and time again, that the games industry is a unitary market in which all games are competing for a single niche.

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