30x XP Event if General Raam Wins

Mark Rein just changed the rules, it no longer matters what the % of the win is... General Raam just needs to win for a 30x Gears of War 2 XP event to kick off!

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Counter Strike2900d ago

Gears 3 needs to come because is getting ridiculous this xx X Multiplayer events.

Thecraft19892899d ago

never played gears of war 1 ? the boss at the end ? extreamly easy boss and any difficulity.

Xx Ziyad xX2899d ago

Easy? i will never call it Easy when u play it in Hardest difficulty in GeOW1

Thecraft19892899d ago

I found general rammn very easy on all difficultys It was just to do that do this kind of boss fight

Markh20012900d ago

Vote Raam wooohooo i already voted. he is a great villan and to also get x 30 xp go on.

Phil Collins2900d ago

People need to keep voting... he's still losing!

Nintenuendo2899d ago

First off, General Raam was the villian and final boss of Gears of War 1.

Secondly, is there somebody who just goes through this site and disagrees EVERYTHING?

kaveti66162899d ago

hahaha. yes, unfortunately there is. some people understand that other people take these agree/disagree things seriously. so they just put disagrees because they know it will get under your skin.

you should give a shit about these things. obviously if the disagrees meant anything someone would have commented to explain why they disagreed.

Nintenuendo2899d ago

Oh, I didn't mean to imply that I CARE about disagrees. I was just curious why every single comment so far had them, even some where it's not even really possible to "disagree" with the statement.

And yes, I expected disagress on my initial comment... and this one...

kaveti66162899d ago

woops, I meant you SHOULDN'T give a shit.

pustulio2899d ago

lol disagree guy is here, huh?

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The story is too old to be commented.