Mario goes to the Dark Side

Deviant Art user kay-too makes an excellent illustration of Mario as he falls to the Dark Side.

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poopnscoop2900d ago

Should be linked to Deviant Art. You're just stealing their work and trying to get hits from it. Give the hits tot he artist, not to these guys who are just uploading it on their web site.

SeanRL2900d ago

Ya, the website people didn't draw this.

LeonSKennedy4Life2899d ago


I'm tired of IMO.

I don't dislike acronyms.

I just think it's ridiculous for people the HAVE to write "IMO".

Can't you just say "Nice art."? That implies that you think the art is nice. IMO is unnecessary.

DarthMoose2899d ago

Want some more cheese to go with that wine?

NateNater2900d ago

Even though there's already a billion Mario games out there I think Dark Mario would make an interesting game.

2899d ago
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