News-A-Rama | Halo: Reach is the Best, Most Compelling Game of the Series

News-A-Rama: Halo: Reach is by far the best and most compelling Halo game yet.

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xavier-tooth2894d ago

salute to bungie!

now go make a great multi-platform game just like this.

seann2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

"Best, Most Compelling Game of the Series". wow that is the most retarded headline i have ever read. you still have to use basic punctuation.

not sure where the free pass comes from,but it needs to end. its kind of shocking.

"know the basics of the story of the Fall of Reach". ja that makes sense.

this review was too irritating to read . its like they inlove with comma's and their magical powers.

Sean Ryno2894d ago

You're not so swift with your grammar there either seann.

"its like they inlove with comma's"
its -> It's
they -> they're
inlove -> in love
comma's -> commas

All that within less than half a 'sentence'. LOL

peeps2894d ago

although I do agree that when bashing grammar, you yourself should use good grammar, he's just typing a comment, not writing an article

jmare2894d ago

Hyperbole: It makes makes everything bigger and better.

Nicky72893d ago

Halo owns your soul and destroys all the people you love. Deal with it. Accept your fate.

FernandoMartinez2893d ago

Oh god the guy writing this review must have been on crack...

Halo: Reach might have a great MP but the SP is just awfull...

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